Hoping for Harvard

Good Evening to all,

I am Active Duty in the Marine Corps and I want to get in to Harvard more than anything in the world when I am honorably discharged. I EAS in 2017, so I figure I have plenty of time. I have read almost every thread on here (they all have really good information) and have done extensive research on this specific subject, but every situation is different and I am not considered a “veteran” yet. Here are my stats:

Race: African American
Geography: Born in Ohio (Raised in Georgia, if Harvard cares to know)
High School: Didn’t do that well, not worth posting (low GPA)
Community College: Currently a 3.49 (Currently taking classes; slowly improving my GPA)
Volunteering: Currently am in an internship with United Way
Test Scores: Haven’t taken them yet (Taking them this Saturday, June 13th.)

I pulled my head out of my a** when I joined the Marines. So I am pretty much playing catch-up now to get all of my cards aligned for Harvard.

When I see things like the Sgt from my branch getting accepted into Princeton, it is very discouraging for me because for the last three years I have have only worked in garrison and go to college/volunteer with the little bit of time I do have. He also took loads of AP classes in high school, which I have not. I have not deployed overseas. That Sgt did. Will my Marine Corps experience affect my admission to Harvard when I go to apply? That Sgt most likely put his experiences in his essay and in his application as a whole. I do not have that luxury. How can I improve my chances (significantly) so that I can “get in?” Not to be funny by any means, but, as an African American, will a 30 or higher ACT score secure me a spot? I will do anything that is necessary to boost my application! Help!!!

Thank you in advance.

An obsession with Harvard won’t do anything for you. Neither will dwelling on who got into Princeton. There are dozens of good colleges that you could gain admission to and I’d recommend that you work primarily on getting admission to one of them.

College love essay that paint a story and a picture of your challenges. Very silly in my opinion,but they eat that sh!t up. Just the way it is.

I will apply to Harvard also. Remember, you need recommendation letters and a strong essay.
Grades are just…the qualifier or minimum standard.

Google Service 2 School and submit an application. Meanwhile, raise your GPA above 3.5.
Take the SAT & ACT. You wannt the highest score as possible.

Also, Princeton is an awesome school but they do NOT take transfers. At all. You can still apply but no classes will transfer. I’m still applying for shits and giggles.

If you do not getinto harvard (don’t cry), check out Harvard Extension School. Several commisssioned officers and NCO from several branches attend this great school. Nothing wrong with it, but something worth looking into.

Hope that helps.

What is your backup plan? Have one so you won’t have a delay in your education.

Sound advice @JustOneDad