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<p>My son is in the process of applying to SVA, it is his dream school. But we are concerned about the financing.... Anyone able to share their experience with SVA Financial Aid? Do they assist in securing loans as any of the Federal Grants are no where near the cost of attendance. </p>

<p>I can only speak from a parent of a grad student’s perspective. SVA is a VERY fine school for a number of art and design disciplines. HOWEVER, they were VERY stingy regarding financial aid particularly because they are a “for profit” school. I will tell you what I have told a friend’s daughter, who ignored me.</p>

<p>If you can’t afford SVA or need to take out substantial loans or payment of the tuition would severely compromise a parent’s retirement, don’t send your kid there! It’s that simple. There are PLENTY of fine programs in art and design that are both less expensive and give better financial aid. They might be a good choice for a grad program,which are all, to my knowledge, quite good. What major is your son considering, and what is your home state?</p>

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you taxguy. We live in Florida and he wants to pursue Motion Graphics. There are no state universities that have anything close to his intended major. We do have Ringling, which is a private university. He was accepted into SVA, Ringling, Pratt, Parsons, and SCAD. He also applied at our local university, as a back up. I told him if the financing would be an issue, then he may need to do 2 years of community college and then re-apply as a transfer student.