Hoping to be a Political Journalist

<p>So my question is, how well does the St. John's curriculum prepare someone like me? If the answer to the previous question is yes, then what aspect of the curriculum would be helpful in that specific field? And while we're on that point, how much political philosophy is discussed? I need some points to make my parents consider St. John's, and with such a unique program, chances are they'll have some reservations (I haven't told them about it yet).</p>

<p>St. John’s is well-known for it’s turn out into the business, education, communications, and doctor/lawyer (somewhat surprisingly) sectors. As for principles that the Program tends to teach, you’ll learn how to think critically, communicate effectively, ask the right questions (key for journalism - I myself came from being the only News Section Editor on a high school paper ranked top ten in the nation by Columbia University), evaluate the value of their possible answers, and be confident in such pursuits. These are benefits of all aspects of the Program.
As for class-specific benefits, here’s a link to the books discussed in seminar over your fours years: <a href=“http://www.sjca.edu/academic/ANreadlist.shtml”>http://www.sjca.edu/academic/ANreadlist.shtml</a>
You’ll see for yourself the political minds you encounter.
You can also look into our campus newspaper, the Gadfly, both online and in-person.
If you can, I’d recommend a campus visit to ask around for yourself. You’ll find much more detailed advice, from a variety of people.</p>