Hoping to go to Cooper Union, got 2 C's

Hi, I’m a current sophmore at an art high school. I perform relatively well and I’m liked by my teachers, and I plan to apply to either Cooper Union (for their arts program!) or Carnegie Mellon 2020, but I have one problem - I have two C’s on my transcript so far.

The first was for the first quarter in geometry last year (which I didn’t worry about), and the second for quarter 2 this year in prob/stat. My teacher had a brain tumor and was on leave (she’s fine now) but isn’t willing to change any grades, as she only put half the curriculum in our final transcripts for the semester. I’m also taking 2 math classes at once right now.

What does this mean?

I’ve taken and passed the first P1 exam, my PSAT score was pretty high, and I think I’m more than capable of doing math, though I’m not going to say I’m a victim of circumstance since this situation was partially caused by my own negligence.

Are my chances of getting into Cooper out the window at this point? My class rank has probably decreased thanks to this, too.

Thank you to everyone who answers.

Hey, i’m a current cooper art student and (for the school of art at least) grades really don’t matter. They’re pretty much treated as a formality here and what really matters is the hometest and your portfolio. Everything else doesnt really factor into the decision very much. This isn’t to say that you should stop caring about your grades, but if you really want to get into cooper, I would spend much more time developing your portfolio, looking for art opportunities outside of your highschool, and widening your skillset. Good luck!

don’t worry. Focus on building a really great portfolio .that’s what matters most to most art schools. Also , I strongly suggest you broaden your scope of schools as there are many many more top and frankly better experiences to be had at places like Pratt, Mica, VCUARTS, Parsons, Risd, RIT etc… you should make some visits.