Hoping to transfer to Towson university for fall 2017 but I have a few concerns..

Hey guys! (Sorry its a lot)
I’m hoping to transfer to Towson University for Fall 2017. But I am currently at a MD community college, this is my first year so I am a Freshman. My first semester I did very well, although I should’ve taken up another class or two. I ended with 9 transferrable credits and a 3.0 GPA even. Im in my second semester Im doing very well and it should be ending in May, and I’ll have 17 transferrable credits and probably with a 3.0 or higher GPA for this semester as well. So all together I will end with 26 credits but Im taking a summer course to get at least 29 credits before entering all together.

I know they encourage you to have 30 credits, but will having 26 credits, do you think that would effect my chances of getting admitted?

About my HS stuff:
HS GPA: 3.48
SAT (which sucked): 1330
Was pretty active: play vball, joined clubs, helped out clubs, & decorated for homecomings. And Im currently working and a full time student at the same time.
When I applied at the time, they saw my old GPA which was a 2.98 so I dont think that was very helpful. But I ended with a 3.48 senior year. And a weighted of 4.1 something.

PS: When I applied here my senior year, I got admitted through the FTP program if tou guys know that is. Basically it is a program where you are taking CCBC classes for a semester or two while on the Towson campus and then you become a full Towson student taking classes through them. Its kind of a way to give a student a second chance, if you didn’t meet they’re full requirements. ( I decided in late August not to go due to getting personal things in my life together. I was going through some things as my senior year ended in shambles and I needed a year to get some stuff right).

But overall, what do you think my chances are as a transfer after one year of CC of being admitted, considering my high school stuff and what I have going on with community college?

And Im not taking any remedial or developement classes. I have passed my English 101 & English 102 is in progress but Im pretty sure Im going to pass, i have an A right now. And Im taking Statistics right now and I have a C in that and I actually take that class with a Towson U professor.

You’ll be admitted for sure, but the smart thing to do would be to take 60 credits at CCBC and get an AA then transfer. Not only are the classes easier, but you get the same credit as they transfer over. On top of that, they are much cheaper. Also, you get a clean GPA fresh start when you transfer to Towson… so if you get 2 years in at CCBC and get all of your credits and classes in that you don’t like… you’ll have a much higher chance of getting your B.A. with a higher GPA. I did this and I’m so happy I made that decision. I’m not sure what your social situation is but I remember when I was your age and in the same situation, I was dying to get out of my house and crappy community college so I could party and live it up like all my other friends… but after sticking it out I came out on top.

Thank you so much for your input. It’s giving me a little weight lifted off my shoulders. And I’m definitely hoping I do get admitted, I’m staying humble and hopeful about it.

I do remember some Towson students coming to speak my senior year who took the same route as you, which is smart as well. But I’m sort of at that point where I’m ready to explore and meet more people. I’m not too worried about the party scene, I would like to meet more people around my age group and be out a little more even it’s just going out to eat lol. I don’t have a car just yet, so I’m like strictly in the house, going to school, or going to work either taking an uber, having my brother take me, or my mom. And I know I’m driving them nuts just as well as myself lol. So the commuting thing is getting a bit annoying for me.

I do have friends that attend a CC as well but we don’t hang nor see each other much so my social life right now is a blob. I have friends that attend Towson as well, I visit them from time to time when I can or mainly when they come home. CC isn’t bad at all, don’t get me wrong, but I feel 100% ready to get a university feel with people around my age group and being active by getting involved in clubs, games, or sports.

Hello! Former student admissions representative here and recent graduate of Towson.

You are spot on with your knowledge of the requirements. They recommend 30 credits so they may only evaluate you based on your college credit.
I recommend reaching out to your specific admissions counselor (dependent on your county) because they are the person reading your application. I promise they are all very friendly and helpful.

Based on the countless applications I saw during my two years in the admissions office, I’d say you are in pretty good shape.

Best of luck, keep your head up! Definitely make sure to have fun!

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P.S. on campus housing for transfers can be a bit scarce. I recommend looking for apartments early to find roommates. TU has a roommate search function that worked pretty well for me.

Oh wow, that’s awesome and congratulations on becoming a Towson graduate! You go!

Thank you so much, you were very helpful as well! I will take up your suggestion of reaching out to my admissions counsler too. And I totally hope I am in good shape and get admitted. But overall, I’m keeping postitive about it whether I do or not. Gotta keep pushing. But Im hoping for the best.

Ooo! Im glad you made that point, I will definitely check out off campus housing. But hopefully I’m able to get on campus, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed. I have a few friends that attend TU currently, I may try to roommate with one of them, we’ve been talking about it.

Thank you again!