Hopkins Alumni Interview

<p>Has anyone ever had a Hopkins Alumni Interview? I have a few questions about the interview:
1. What are they looking for?
2. What questions will they ask?
3. What questions should I ask, if any?
4. How should I dress?</p>

<p>My interview is this Saturday! Please respond! Thanks</p>

<p>These are the questions I was asked by an admission rep. So I think they are similar to the alumni interview.
1. Someone who is very interested in hopkins. Someone being their self.
2. What things you do outside of school? What interests do you have? Why do you like hopkins? Then the occasional random question like "if you were in a deserted island, what book would you bring?"
3. How their experience was at hopkins? How they feel hopkins has progressed over the years?
4. Dress in "business casual". Shirt, tie, and nice shoes, but no suit.</p>