Hopkins vs. Penn

<p>I'm a chemistry major planning to go to graduate school, and I've been accepted as a junior transfer. I'm having a hard time deciding between Hopkins and Penn, since both are great schools. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>its a tough decision to make.. haha. both penn and jhu are great schools.
since i wil be heading to hopkins this fall, i might be a bit biased.. but i recommend JHU.
JHU's natural science department (bio, chem, etc) is just ridiculously good. From what i understand, Penn's CAS is good but not as good as JHU's krieger school of arts and science.
But if you still choose Penn, it won't really make significant difference in your future.
It really depends on which evironment you prefer
Penn is more outgoing, social, lively whereas JHU is somewhat quite, tightly knit student body, and very intellectual atmosphere.</p>

<p>For chem - absolutely Hopkins. It's half the size (!) and very research-centric for upper-division students. Sounds ideal for you. Where are you transferring from?</p>

<p>I actually got a chance to visit Hopkins since I have a friend from high school who goes there, and I really had a great time. WealthOfInformation- You're spot on; a research intensive environment is absolutely perfect for me. I'm transferring from the University of Florida; the research opportunities are great, but that's about the only positive thing I have to say about the school. I was leaning towards Hopkins anyways, but I wanted to do my research before I made a decision.</p>

<p>Well congrats on your admission and your choice - it's nearly impossible to get into a place like Hopkins as a transfer. You'll have a blast. Congrats!</p>