Hopkins's New Schedule

<p>What do you guys think about the MTW/ThF schedule becoming a MWF/TTh schedule in spring 08?</p>

<p>Personally, I HATE it with a passion and don't recall when the deans asked the student body about their opinions on the subject. However, if there was a point in which they did ask (I was probably zoned out or something if this is so) and the consensus was that we should change it, I'd be more understanding.</p>

<p>The mere thought of it stresses me out like crazy.</p>

<p>I agree! Some of their logic makes some sense (having the same schedule as Peabody and the Med school - most BME classes are already taught on a MW/TTh schedule) but I seriously doubt there was much support for it - I can only think of a handful of people I know who liked the idea.</p>

<p>i.e: only a handful of public health seniors. BLAH!</p>

<p>can we protest against this somehow??</p>

<p>I'd support a Tues/Wed and Th/Fri schedule make all the classes 1.5 hrs and give us Mondays off!</p>