Horrendous difference between English/Reading and Math/Science (ACT)

<p>My June ACT scores:</p>

<p>English: 35
Reading: 32
Math: 23
Science: 23
Composite: 28</p>

<p>How are colleges going to view this extreme score difference? This is my second time taking the test, should I go for a third time and try to increase my Science and Math scores?</p>

<p>wow, thats pretty extreme
I would retake, try to get a new book for math and science</p>

<p>uh, they might just think that you're just oriented for english and reading way more than math and science. My advice (I'm not exactly an expert though) is to yeah, take it one more time, but just practice Math and Science, if you can get those up a few points, you'll be rocking it.</p>