Horrible at Math, What can I do to get a 700 + on my SAT's In May?

<p>THe title basically explains it all, I am really bad at math, and would probably only score between 550-600, whereas my CR should be 700+ and my wiriting should be 700+. I am willing to do whatever it takes to do well on the math section and I know it has a harsh curve. What can I do to get a 700+? I already purchased the Collegeboard SAT book.</p>

<p>Practice all the questions from the blue book and try to remember all the types of sum, that will get you a 700+ score.</p>

<p>thanks comfy!!!</p>

<p>what do you mean by "all the types of sum"?</p>

<p>solve every question from any book that you come accross, and gingerly go through the answer explanations, if provided.
then...check out <a href="http://satmathpro.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://satmathpro.com&lt;/a> and chances are that you'll get 750+</p>

<p>Thanks 714nd1 :)</p>

<p>the bb was useless for the oct test. All the questions were way too easy!</p>

<p>Do you mean that the Blue book questions were too easy or were the actual test questions easier. I hope the latter.</p>

<p>I heard from my friends that the Nov maths was way easier than the Blue Book , I gave the Oct. test and found it a little harder than the blue book.</p>

<p>the bb questions were too easy</p>

<p>test prep books don't help. </p>

<p>take my advice: buy an algebra book, a geometry book, and an algebra ii book and study from those. if you really want a 700+, this is what you'll have to do.</p>

<p>On the contrary, test prep books can help, particularly if you are good at math but bad with the SAT (for example, I went from 640 to 770 by studying from the Blue Book and Barron's math workbook). However, test prep books assume that you <em>ALREADY</em> have the necessary knowledge and just need to brush up somewhat. If this assumption is not justified then test prep books may not help you very much (or they might!).</p>

<p>Just do practice tests. It helps like crazy. I went from a 630 to a 710.</p>

<p>yah... i hope so... sure practice does help... yet to see the results...</p>

<p>i wouldnt advice separate algebra, geometry..bla bla bla books
it's way too long study method for a simple-at-math test as SAT...
my advice?
solve questions from BB, try to get their answer explanations(from forums or from Maximum SAT prep-book), practice as much as you can, develop your own test-taking strategies, never be shy too use plug in, backsolving or guessing...all that matters is getting your question right...
i missed only 4 in my Oct SAT (1st sitting) and i am not so keen in math :)</p>

<p>The best practice is to do actual practice tests, plain and simple. It gets you familiarized with the ways they try to trick you (damn PSAT last year!) and patterns in the questions. If you're a jr or sr, you should have already gone over all the basic stuff that is assumed knowledge for the tests, so you just need to recognize patterns within the test and repeat as much as possible.</p>

<p>Thanks Kidfromohio, I am a junior. Can anyone recommend some books to buy for like Algebra II and Geometry.</p>