horse barn

<p>Does anyone have any experience with the co op horse barn. How difficult is it to fit all the required time into the academic day? Also is it difficult to get a space for your horse?
Any experience with the equestrian team?
Also info on surrounding barns?

<p>There is a co-op barn at Fellvallee Equestrian center in Hinesburg. I know of one UVM student who keeps her horse in the co-op barn, and two others who board there. All three of them are able to make it out to the barn at least four days a week with no problem, each with full schedules. I believe there is room for one more horse, but I also know there is room for a non cop-op boarder. Fellvallee is located at the old Taproot Farm on Shelburne-Falls Rd. and is about ten minutes from the UVM horse barn. It is mainly a dressage barn, but there are also a few eventers, pleasure riders, and one western rider. Jamie Fell is the on-site trainer. The website is </p>

<p>Fell-Vallee</a> Equestrian Center - Home</p>

<p>There is no info on the co-op barn, but if you call and talk to Jamie, she can give you more information on cost, etc.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info. I am starting a list of places they might try to visit when they come to Vermont. Is there bus service from the campus to this barn or would you need a car. She is a hunter/jumper.</p>