Horse barns

<p>Does anyone have experience or know of anyone who has had experience with having a horse at Earlham or Univ of Vermont or participating in the Co op barn. My D is very interested in both of these schools and is interested in trying to bring her horse to school with her.
I know all the cons to bringing a horse to school. If she does this the cost of bringing the horse is on her and she is already working towards that goal.</p>

<p>My roommate at Earlham brought her horse with her. There have been horses at Earlham for a long time and about five years ago, as I recall, a gift to the school resulted in the upgrading of the horse barn. The barn is at the edge of campus and can be seen from the dorms. There is a nice riding area too. My roommate found going out to the barn and riding her horse to be a great destresser. That said, your daughter needs to check out the larger fit of the school for her--what may be a great match for her horse may not be a great match for her. A visit would help her see if Earlham is a fit for her academically and socially. A quick and accurate take on Earlham is in the chapter on Earlham in Loren Pope's Colleges that Change Lives. Here is the link: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>My D is at UVM majoring in Equine Science and spends alot of time at the barn (no horse for her, though). The co-op kids seem to manage fine, although it seems like a fair bit of work. D is very happy at UVM.</p>