<p>Hi! I had heard of HOSA (Health Occupation students of America) and it sounded very interesting. I was wondering if some one could give their experiences on it and a little background...I was a bit confused about the competitions. Would it be viable to create a HOSA group at my school? Do I even need a group or can I do it individually?</p>

<p>Hey sophomore120164, very customized username you have there! =P</p>

<p>Anyway, HOSA(Health Occupations Students of America) normally focuses on a variety of competitions at regional, state, and the national level. At competitions you can enter different areas from medical spelling, medical terminology, biomedical debate, CERT(Community Emergency Response Team), EMS, Dental Spelling, and the list goes on and on. I'd recommend taking a look at the HOSA website for information on competitions here.
HOSA</a> Member Services</p>

<p>In all honesty, HOSA by it's nature is the type of organization which thrives from a school having a group of individuals. So it would be wise for to recruit other members, and advertise the club as a club for premedical students. Having multiple members makes it easier for fundraisers, and when attending state competition, it's efficient to stay at a hotel and the registration fees can be quite steep. Not only that, having multiple members will allow your school to likely compete in a variety of areas.</p>

<p>As far as the competition, and different events, some events require you to only take a multiple choice test. Others, such as CERT, or EMS, require you to take a MC scoring over a 70% as well as perform scenarios. Oh, and some events require 2 partners, some require you to enter by yourself, and others require you to enter along with groups of certain numbers. (Another reason it's wise to have a club with as many individuals as possible...of course quality > quantity)</p>

<p>My experiences at competition were smooth. I competed in CERT with a partner, and we came in 1st place at Regionals. State competition however was fierce, and we didn't make the top 5. HOSA is a great organization, and I'd recommend it aside from the benefit it has on a college resume, but also because it's fun to compete at competitions. </p>

<p>Sorry for the long post. If you have any other questions about HOSA, or competitions, just ask. :)</p>


<p>HOSA is an amazing club! It was a first time experience for me this year but it became my favorite club of the year. You should definitely assemble the club at your school but you will need more members. There is a variety of different events such as teamwork events, leadership events, individual events, etc. I was in 5 events this year: medical math, extemporaneous speaking, biomedical debate, public health emergency preparedness, and biotechnology. I placed 4th in med. math. 5th in bio med. debate (team event). 1st in public health (team event) and 1st in biotech. didn't place in extemp. If you place top 3 in any event then you can go on to nationals. At our school the state event was 3 days and a lot of fun. You can meet people from a multitude of schools. There is even a dance. Its a great learning experience you should try it out.</p>