Hospital Care

<p>The other night a student went to Bloomington Hospital in intense pain and was not seen/treated for 3 hrs. Another patient lay there 4 hours. Apparently in the middle of the night they were told only 1 Doctor was available. </p>

<p>Luckily this turned out to not be a life threatening situation but it makes me very nervous to know this kind of thing can happen in case of a future emergency. Does anyone have any other experiences to share about Bloomington Hospital and does anyone have experience going to Monroe County Hospital? I tried to look up hospital reports and ratings online but wasn't very successful. </p>


<p>hoosiermom2012--I can only share my experience as a resident in Bloomington. Last year DD was in a car accident. Fortunately it was not too serious, but enough that they took her to the hospital. She was seen immediately. By the time I arrived about 20 minutes later, they had her cleaned up and she was ready to go for some tests. They were just waiting on me since she wasn't 18 yet. Her care in this situation was exemplary, and they made me feel better too. It was about 10:00 pm. </p>

<p>I know lots of people use the ER as their primary care physician. There were people waiting to see doctors for non-emergencies by the time we left around midnight. </p>

<p>I suspect, just like many hospital emergency rooms, patients are evaluated as they come in, with the most serious seen first. Could it be there were other patients with more serious issues? I don't think this is a problem with this particular hospital, but a problem with hospital emergency rooms and American medical care in general. Keep in mind the entire county doesn't have more than 120,000 or so people. It's not a big city place. I know in general, Bloomington Hospital does pretty well. </p>

<p>One must drive to the Monroe Hospital or call a different ambulance service, I think, to use the emergency room there. 911 emergencies don't go to Monroe. It's a lower level trauma center. I've heard of people going to Monroe, only to be sent over to Bloomington Hospital because Monroe could't do what was needed. I can almost guarantee it would be less crowded, but also suspect there would only be one dr. on at any given time. Monroe is good at the limited things they do. </p>

<p>Given a choice, I would choose Bloomington Hospital even though Monroe is a bit closer to my home.</p>

<p>rrah - Thank you for your post. I really do appreciate the feedback. I don't know what case or cases took priority over these two but as a long distance Mother you can imagine my concern. I didn't know that about Monroe County - as I said I couldn't find much on that hospital at the various rating sites. I guess I can only pray that this was a rare event and not common occurence and that my D hopefully never has to worry about it.</p>

<p>My son fell down a flight of stairs in one of the dorms this past December and suffered a concussion and a torn ear. He was taken to the Bloomington Hospital. I received a phone call from the doctor who was treating him. He was very nice, and they were very thorough in doing cat-scans, x-rays to ensure there were no more injuries apart from the surface injuries. I was very pleased with the care he received and thankful that when he fell, there were others around to ensure he got help. The recent death of Natasha Richardson is a tragic reminder that head injuries should always be checked out no matter how slight they may seem on the outside.</p>