Hospitality & Tourism Management

<p>so yeah, i'm still thinking about whether or not it'll be worth it to get a degree in hospitality management from purdue. they claim to be #1 in the nation, but there is no way they can beat out cornell, and possibly other schools such as BU. anybody have any information regarding the hotel management program at purdue?</p>

<p>Hospitality Management is not part of the Krannert management program. Many people assume it is, but it's not, and it's a separate school.</p>

<p>There is a hotel at the Union, and it is runned by the university and its students mostly from the Hospitality Management.</p>

<p>I never knew that there is the Hospitality Management program at Purdue until I found out that one of the fellow classmates from my intro Chinese class was pursuing the major.</p>

<p>I am not too sure if Purdue has the best Hospitality Management program in the nation. New York University has one at its SCPS, Cornell does have, Boston University does have...and I think some other i forgot the names.</p>

<p>Cornell and NYU Hospitality Management programs are well known. Obviously many people would assume that you are a brilliant student if you graduate with the Hospitality Management program from Cornell. NYU's SCPS is sort of like...less competitive school with in NYU so people wouldn't really recognize the program as the best even if it is but simply because it's a less competitive program to be admitted and many would assume you are not as brilliant as the ones graduating from Cornell.</p>

<p>So...If I were you...I wouldn't major in Hospitaility Management in Purdue. Goto Cornell or at least NYU or BU. They are in better places like Boston and New York City with great internships and more to learn besides just hospitality. I am not quite sure if the general empty impression of West Lafayette would give much inspiration in such field of study...</p>

<p>Major in Krannert program. Hospitality Management is too of a narrow major and it is risky when the industry does not do well especially when the overall economy is also in a bad shape.</p>

<p>Yes, in the 21st century, people specialize, down stream, streamline processes, downsize, make things quicker and efficent...</p>

<p>but when it comes down to "Management" I would definately shy away from too narrow or too risky majors like hospitality. Management major itself is sort of unspecified major. Finance or Accounting or MIS are more specialized majors and they do tend to get paid more when you first get a job.</p>

<p>But they are not so narrow as Hospitality Management...</p>

<p>Even if you do learn other managerial courses like Managerial Accounting, some business computing course, or marketing course...the employers would think you've learned some other field.</p>

<p>That is why many Hospitality Management programs are separated from universities' management schools.</p>

<p>decide on your own now...i just told what i thought about that major.</p>

<p>major in something little more general than such a too specialized major like the one you asked...i can basically get a job offer from the major hotel chains with a degree in Management or...accounting...or finance...when firms hire undergraduate students they do not look at particular majors as much as they do with graduate or MBA students.</p>

<p>Look...I think graduating with that narrow major will limit your possibility...look at the bigger picture of yourself...what you want right now and what you can gain from right now might be profitable...but not so much relative to how much you can gain in the later future when taken other way...I realy believe that you should major in a more general major than that.... think about it one more time.</p>

<p>i am going to have to agree with jslee on this one. you speak of finance and accounting. is it possible to double major in those programs?</p>

<p>i think ur allowed to major in hotel mgt, and minor in finance or accounting.. but west lafayette just does not attract me. and i remember someone saying it's very difficult for purdue graduates to get a job on the east coast.. and i have lived on the east coast all my life and plan on coming back after graduation.</p>

<p>the only way i'd consider going to purdue is they offer me a full-ride or close to it, which i highly doubt because i am a transfer student and i am out of state.</p>

<p>speaking of financial aid.. anybody know when we get our financial aid award packages? i don't feel like sending in my $75 housing deposit (even though it's refundable until may 1st) until i have an idea how much aid they are giving me.</p>

<p>Yes you can double major. You should talk to your advisor which I peronally don't recommend.</p>

<p>Attend MGMT 100 class first. That class teaches a lot about ins and outs of Krannert and the university.</p>

<p>You can take general requirements and many of required major courses overlap so...if you do well and take a little over average credits consistently, you will be successful and this will pay off a lot i am telling you.</p>

<p>Finance and Accounting is a good combination.</p>

<p>However the bad news is that, Krannert does NOT have Finance major.
It does have finance courses, but no Financa major. They do however have Finance minor.</p>

<p>You can either have doubt majors, or one major and double minors.</p>

<p>good luck</p>

<p>Crap. I am reconsidering Purdue now.</p>

<p>i applied to purdue and cornell to major in their hospitality management programs. i had an interviewer who graduated from cornell and is currently in hotel real estate, but he said purdue is a very good school for hotel management as well. he also works with several people who have graduated from purdue's HTM.</p>

<p>all i've heard was good stuff about purdue. is purdue's HTM major really that bad?</p>

<p>Apply to New York University HTM</p>

<p>It's great to be in NYC surely.</p>

<p>Come! You will never regret it, if you goto Cornell or Purdue, i am sure you will regret!</p>

<p>By the way, you should apply to NYU - SCPS for HTM major</p>

<p>I know a young man in htm. Did not even major in htm in college! Went to a community college and then to a smallish state school. Got out of college and went into htm based on an excellent work record, NOT his degree or school. The hotel chain itself sends him to workshops/classes, etc as needed. He's making great money for a first year employee. I guess it proves you don't even need your degree in htm to be successful here? Or maybe this young man got lucky? His degree is in a field unrelated to mgmnt at all.</p>

<p>Purdue is ranked up w/Michigan State...
Other options are UNLV and University of Houston.</p>

<p>Cornell still thought to be the best.</p>

<p>i never knew NYU had any HTM programs... dang.</p>