Hostra Engineering

<p>Anyone have information about Engineering at Hofstra? Project-based? Co-ops or internship opportunities? Also what is social atmosphere at Hofstra? Thanks.</p>

<p>The current engineering program at Hofstra offers several different types of engineering including Biomedical, Industrial, Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical in which students can focus their studies. You start out your first few semesters taking many general science, math, and engineering classes. From there, you go on to take classes that are specified towards your particular engineering discipline. Senior year engineering students are required to complete a senior design project, in which they work with an engineering faculty member to carry out the research, design, and building aspects of a project as if they are in the real world. Currently, Hofstra is working towards developing a new School of Engineering. </p>

<p>For more information, check out Engineering</a> - Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Hofstra University</p>