hot girls?

<p>if there are no hot girls at Princeton, im not going... and will just go to a state school...</p>

<p>academics are important, but are there any hot girls?</p>

<p>Ok I do not go to princeton but i went for their admit wekeend. There was fashion show and BELIEVE ME...there was some foine a$$ females haha. Besides, there are always SOME good looking people wherever you go, and honestly even if there weren't any on campus, you are only a train ride away from NY and Philly where you can definitely meet people. Do NOT base your decision on the amount of hot girls tho...cuz guess what if you go to some dinky state school (and I say that only becuase I dont know which state school you are refering to) and are not sucessful.....well lets just say quite a few of the "hot girls" I know have pretty high standards.</p>

<p>ok, well.. i am basing on it cause getting my BS isn't the only thing i want to achieve... I hope you know what a mean.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply, I am not a troll. I just want to make sure that all the people who say "it's nothing to write home about" are bluffing.. or what.</p>

<p>thanks. :D</p>

<p>hot girls are not all there is to any one place. plus you must understand that in a school with 5000 people, there will be attractive people on every corner. think about the odds. plus Haagen is right. hot girls do have high standards.</p>

<p>i don't think i have a problem with standards, cause simply put, i'm waiting until college. i can't count the number of people i've said 'no' too... but a lot were pretty hot.</p>

<p>thanks for the replies. i was just worried when i searched this forum there were a few commetns that princeton girls weren't that hot. i guess i'll just have to wait.</p>

<p>Princeton girls are very smart and they will read you like a toddler's book. And no one likes to be a child molester.</p>

<p>might as well go to that state school, as the hot girls are gonna flock my way... haha</p>

<p>There's always UPenn and Columbia and all the other ivies. You can always try to charm a hot Yalie at a footbal game. That way you not only get a hot girl but score one for Princeton in the eternal Ivy rivalry.</p>

<p>On another note....</p>

<p>any hot guys at Princeton?</p>

<p>google "Princeton Generic Rap Video" and go to the princeton site that has stuff about P-Unit on it. Download the video - it's this hilarious 'rap' video, but the important thing is "J-Lo" on the video.... she will answer your question.</p>

<p>dude, lmfao!</p>

<p>this video pwns... hahahahhahaahahah.</p>

<p>i never thought princeton was this gangsta.</p>

<p>well judging from the two kids going to princeton from my class, princeton must have some ugly people! lol
JKing, i've actually heard princeton has decent looking people.</p>

<p>Go to Penn for hot girls(not too far from P-town</p>

<p>ha all i have to say is this isnt quite an ivy league convo...
but lets put it this way, and if anyone disagrees please contest these numbers:
10% hot 20% nice 20% decent 50% "intellectually beautiful"
ha im half kidding</p>

<p>Hehehe yes Penn will have all the hot people <em>beams</em></p>