Hot glass?

My kid is curious what colleges and universities have programs that teach working with hot glass (both blowing and flameworking).

So far, he knows about U Washington, U Wisconsin (Madison), RISD, Tulane, Southern Illinois, VCU, Alfred, RIT, Temple.

Where else?



Ohio State

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Thank you both! I didn’t know about either of those programs.

I also found out that they have it at University of Texas Arlington, and at Salisbury University in Maryland.

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I also found it at CSUSB.

With respect to Cal States, I believe Fullerton offers a hot glass program as well.

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Most renown is Pilchuk Glass in WA and intern programs in Murano Italy not affiliated with colleges. Mostly done post grad. RISD has a great program but not like Pilchuk, Murano. Pilchuk has lots of classes and levels.

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I think you’re right that those are the best, but at least for my kid, I think those are better choices for after a degree.

Yes, or during the Summer.

Summers too.