Hotchkiss/Andover/Deerfield/Choate chances

Applying for: Postgraduate year
From--Suburban (Chicago) public school
Financial aid--Yes
LD/ADHD--Yes, not diagnosed/treated until end of junior year</p>

GPA--3.02 unweighted, 3.88 weighted <== ):
Class rigor--All honors/AP
AP schedule--English Lang., US His. (jun.); Calc. AB, Biology, US Gov't, English Lit., Economics (sen.)
Class Rank: Surprisingly enough, top 15% (class of ~650)</p>

SAT--2220 <== single-sitting, don't really care about this one
ACT--35 composite (36 R, E; 35 M; 33 S) <== single-sitting
AP--English Lang. (5), US History (5)
(I'm 99.999% sure this doesn't matter, but...) SSAT--99% percentile</p>

<p>Leadership/extracurricular activities:
Varsity scholastic bowl--Co-captain (9-12); MVP (9-11); top scorer (9-10, but only because my coach liked pulling me out of tournaments for falling asleep)
Jeopardy!--Finalist, invited to and completed audition in Kansas City. I'll hopefully be on the show in December
School newspaper--Copy editor (established position, 12); production editor (11); staff writer (10)
Blogger--I spend, and this is a pure guesstimation, about 15 hours per week researching, interviewing, and writing for two incredibly popular hip-hop/music/fashion blogs
Chicago Tribune--Staff writer for teen newspaper (11-12)
Varsity baseball--Hurt junior year, but came back during summer (LHP, 10-12)
Travel baseball--Co-captain/member (LHP/OF, 10-12)
Freshmen swim team--Member (9)
Wind symphony--1st chair, alto sax (9-10)
Jazz band--Alto sax (9-10)
Marching band--Alto sax (9-10)
Saxophone lessons--Alto/tenor sax (9-10)
Parish volunteer--Eucharistic minister/misc. volunteer (9-12)
Assistant teacher--Surprisingly selective program for a summer job (only 40 applicants were picked out of a pool of around 150, 11-12)
French Club--Member (9-10)
Italian Club--Member (11-12)</p>

National Merit Semifinalist (223 PSAT)
National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar
Prairie State Achievement Award
Tri-M Music Honors Society
Northwestern Midwest Academic Talent Search Award Winner (36 ACT R/E, presented freshman year)
Honor roll member every semester</p>


<p>PG year is hard to get into from what I recall--especially from your choices. If you're a really good athlete then you have as good as a shot as the next guy. I hear that only athletes get recruited but I think that's a rumour.</p>

<p>Glaring lack of Exeter and SPS. No love for the Granite State?</p>

<p>SPS doesn't have a PG year.</p>

<p>I'm looking at Exeter, but their baseball program is glaringly weak. At this point--in order--Andover, Hotchkiss, Hill, Deerfield, and Taft are my top choices.</p>

<p>Why is Deefield so low on your list? lol I love Deerfield!</p>

<p>Baseball</a> Varsity | Salisbury School</p>