Hotchkiss vs Andover

CONGRATSS!! So happy for u :slight_smile:

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To be frank, I thought the waitlist existed for the sweet pleasure of schools in making this final declaration: “Yet again it seems we are overenrolled and our waitlist is rendered useless, 253 years in a row. How sad! This popularity of ours is something we cannot help, no matter how often we redirect applicants to other schools, reminding them they are almost as good as we are.”

It is hugely refreshing to see some action occuring on the list. I hope it gets more vigorous, and, by God, schools do not associate such action with sign of less desirability. I never could fathom all that preoccupation with rate, yield, etc. anyway.

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Thanks a bunch! I have 7 waits (Middlesex, Milton, Groton, Thacher, Exeter, Choate, Cate), 5 rejects (SPS, Andover, Lawrenceville, Hotchkiss, Deerfield), 0 accepts - so it seems I will be going to the same system I am attending in Korea.

It is the half-full, half-empty cup riddle, isn’t it? It depends on the perspective I guess, and I consider my first foray a success. I met some truly amazing people on the way. Also I had no idea my current school cared about me so much! So the process of applying itself bore me some incredible fruits, actually. I told you I will reapply next year, but I am not so sure if my parents would let me, actually. And there is Wonhyo.

Here in Korea, there is one famous story of an ancient monk who had left home one day to pursue his dream of studying abroad. One dark night, he found a cozy shelter roadside and went inside. His thirst woke him up in the middle of the night, but luckily he found cool and refreshing water in a big cup next to him. He fell back to the sweetest sleep after quenching his thirst. Next morning, what he saw under sunlight gave him a big jolt. The cozy shelter was in fact a half-destroyed tomb. He found himself inside the tomb, lying among scattered human remains. The generously sized water cup was in fact a human skull. The best evian he drank was water inside the skull. The sight was enough to make him vomit.

Then a moment of epiphany hit him hard. So much was up to one’s own mindset. The amazing power of human mind in shaping reality’s impacts. He realized it really mattered not whether he should study abroad or at home, under whom, with what. Everything was up to him. He bowed to the skull, packed himself, came out of the tomb, walked the opposite direction - to his home. He gave up his foreign study plan, never looked back and became the greatest monk Korea has known. His name is Wonhyo.


Thank you for this reply, I think I am going to go with Exeter!


Thanks. 2:45PM (PT) in the middle of math class.

Tomorrow morning I plan on calling Exeter and confirming my place, thanks for all of the input!

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Thank you! I can’t wait to explore all of the opportunities offered, and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Haha! Maybe, if I were an AO I would look on these forums to make sure that the candidate is committed! Go Big Red!

Will do!

After my acceptance, I talked to more PEA students, and I completely rescind my school spirit comment, that was based off of a few negative reviews, and I should have talked to more students in the first place. I’ll just have to get over the location, as NH remains in the middle of nowhere, and I can’t see that changing :rofl:

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I don’t know, but hopefully! I was called by an AO!

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I love your spirit! If my decision was solely based on allegiance, I’m sure I would be attending Hotchkiss or PA, but I don’t think I can turn down Exeter, as Harkness is just too special. Good luck on the waitlist!!! What city in Korea are you from? I’m originally from London, so it will be fun to be around other international students! I was so surprised, as my view of the waitlist echoes yours. However, in the middle of math class, my phone rang, and. when I saw “Exeter,NH” my heart rate jumped to about 200 BPM. Personally, I think your “pick PA to spite PEA for not accepting you on 3/10” perspectivee is quite Machiavellian, which is a good thing in my book. Wonhyo’s tale is so beautiful, I have screenshotted it to show my family. I think that at the end of the day, your success is dictated by your determination, not your environment. Please keep me updated, as I would love to be classmates with someone as kind, intelligent and articulate as you have been on this forum. If you want to reach out my instagram is @caspar.bailey, Night!

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Couple things:
-PA is now more or less 100% in-person, so the ‘covid situation’ is in the rearview mirror (for now, but no more or less than any other school at this point)
-PA and PEA have essentially the same % of day students

Hotchkiss uses Harkness.

As does Andover for english and history (I think you said you prefer humanities) but not for math - which is a debatable topic whether Harkness is effective in math.

No they don’t. They use discussion-based instruction. Harkness is a trademark.


Not being combative, I am genuinely interested. I got this off Andover’s site: Harkness tables in Bulfinch Hall allow for robust class conversations and have read other things referring to Harkness.

So is it because Exeter started it that it’s true “Harkness”? Is Andover and others a modified version?

@ could you also tell them if you are in the international pool or domestic pool? There’s some confusion about where the movement is as you can imagine.

That is a student account, not the school speaking.

I am of the opinion that Harkness is snake oil. I cannot believe that schools advertise this and pay for its use. Discussion-based instruction is not a concept unique to Harkness. But I digress. :grin:


I think Andover does implement it to some extent, but it’s not Harkness. I’ve heard that if you want Harkness, Exeter is your place. Thanks for the reply!

I also know that Exeter teachers go through a course that educates them on Harkness. So while Andover might have circular tables and discussion based classes, the teachers are not trained in the ways of Harkness. Wow, my last sentence makes Harkness sound like the third religion in Star Wars. Jedi,Sith and Harkness.