hotel bedding....fitted sheets or flat sheets

<p>My wife says I'm eccentric.
Since I was around 30 years old, I have carried a fitted sheet with us when traveling. I cannot stand flat sheets on a bed. They will not stay in place and by morning the sheet is not tucked under the mattress anywhere.
Now that we are much older, I carry a suitcase just for bedding when traveling. I'm talking about top and bottom sheets, blanket, bedspread and pillows. The first thing I do when we get to any hotel room is strip the bed entirely and replace the hotel bedding with my own. lol
It is not all about the fitted or flat sheet any longer.
I remember all about those hotel rooms from my college days. lol
I do not think I am eccentric.
Do you?</p>

<p>Yup. And I think it's very nice of your wife not to just say you're nuts.</p>

<p>Now think about the fact that you could be transporting bedbugs from the hotel mattress back to your home...</p>

<p>I do also hate flat sheets as the bottom sheet, but wouldn't go as far as to carry my own sheets with me. I just try to book my stays at hotels I know use fitted sheets whenever possible.</p>

<p>Here is an interesting article regarding flat and fitted sheets in hotels.</p>

<p>California</a> Hotel Groups Flat Out Reject Fitted Sheet Requirement in Proposed Housekeeping Bill -</p>

<p>"Hotel operators argue they will need to purchase new equipment in order to launder the fitted sheets. "</p>

<p>^^From the news article. Hmmmm... how did I manage to wash my fitted sheets in the same machine as the rest of my bedding for all these years? :rolleyes: Although I agree with them on the ironing/folding cost increase issue.</p>

<p>People are traveling with less luggage nowadays and you are traveling with a suitcase with nothing in it but bedding? Yes, that's eccentric, but seemingly harmless...</p>

<p>Have you considered just carrying one of these:</a> Cocoon CoolMax TravelSheet: Sports & Outdoors</p>

<p>Yes, pretty over the top. OCD, in my opinion, but we all have our quirks.</p>

<p>Do you have any other "quirks"?</p>

<p>I was a hotel maid one summer in college. It isn't just about the washing (it is partly), but it is also that then the maid has to have a matching number of fitted/flat sheets with her in her cart. It is all the same when you just use flat sheets. In a good hotel, the flat sheets are big enough to make a proper hospital corner, and the maids are well trained to do it so the sheet stays put.</p>

<p>But... yes, I think you are eccentric. :) Especially when it costs extra to check that luggage on every flight. And you do improve your chances of bringing bed bugs back, I suspect -- on the linens, or on that extra suitcase that you have to find a "safe" place to keep in your room where the bugs won't get on it if they exist. We put every suitcase on the desk and dresser tops now as soon as we enter the room. The tiled bathroom is the only other place we would set them down. No bed bugs brought home so far using this method...</p>

<p>If you want to inspect the linens for any stains or signs that they are not clean when you get to the room, that would be a good compromise. Call the desk immediately if they are not (and fill out a complaint card to mail in... don't leave it in the room or give it to the desk staff, I am never sure it gets read when I do that).</p>

<p>It seems over the top to me...but whatever. I guess if it makes you happy, it's harmless enough to travel with your own sheets. Do you take your own towels and blankets too?</p>

<p>///Do you take your own towels and blankets too?///</p>

<p>lol...Blankets sometimes </p>

<p>///I just try to book my stays at hotels I know use fitted sheets whenever possible.///</p>

<p>Have you ever called the hotel to ask if they use fitted or flat sheets? I They either do not know what you are talking about or think you are nuts.
Only the really nice (and expensive) hotels are sure to provide fitted sheets. I have purchased fitted sheets on vacation more than once. </p>

<p>///Now think about the fact that you could be transporting bedbugs from the hotel mattress back to your home...///</p>

<p>Never thought of that. From now on I will pack used sheets in a sealed plastic bag and wash them at the local wash mat rather than my own washer when I return home.</p>

<p>////Do you have any other "quirks"?////</p>

<p>Apparently, when one really does have quirks, one does not notice.
My wife says I have plenty. She will not
My mother in law, sister in law and really most people I really know think I am eccentric. They just laugh about it.
As for me...well... apparently eccentric people could care less what others think of their eccentricities</p>

<p>Wow, your quirk amazes me! It really does. I think if we had a quirk competition, you might win. Maybe someone should start a thread on this. </p>

<p>I knew this professional, 'normal' couple who always had to travel with their set of stuffies. This is because their stuffies were their children- they had names, clothes, and they talked about them just like their kids. And well you can't leave kids alone right and families should travel together..</p>

<p>This all reminds me of that quote my friend once said, which went something like, "oh, but everyone seems normal...until you really get to know them!"</p>

<p>Yes, I think you are eccentric. I hate, hate, hate to make a bed so much that the idea of remaking a made bet is way out there. Would have to be a much,much bigger reason than the sheet being flat rather than fitted. As for carrying a fitted sheet with me to a hotel, since I'm the one scrounging for tooth paste and combs from the front desk, the idea of another thing to pack is far more repugnant.</p>

From now on I will pack used sheets in a sealed plastic bag and wash them at the local wash mat rather than my own washer when I return home.


Ok, now you're just messing with us .... I hope :)</p>

<p>Ewww, Batllo!</p>

<p>OP- Harmless idiosyncracies are jsut that. If yoru own sheets make you feel better,t hats fine by me. Some people bring their own pillows. To each his own.</p>

<p>jym626-Deleted my posting because I grossed myself out.
Ewww indeed.</p>

<p>Oh your point was a good one, battlo- it was just... shall we say... eye-opening!</p>

<p>Ha, ha........
I have been watching Monk recently. This thread is like that :)
Remember the one, when he was running washing machines on empty just to pre wash, before putting his African friend's cloths in?????</p>

<p>Many of us are quirky, I admire the OP for coming out :)</p>