hotel for parents/family

<p>Just curious if anyone has any personal recommendations for hotels to use throughout the GWU years?! What hotel do you use? </p>

<p>I just booked Aug. 24th & 25th - early move-in - at the GWU Inn. I've never stayed there - you? </p>

<p>If you're planning to use this hotel, be sure to ask for the GWU move-in discount! :)</p>

<p>My parents usually stay at the Melrose Hotel, and they like it because of the proximity to the school. GW inn had good reputation too.</p>

<p>THanks for the suggestion multi!</p>

<p>About a year ago, we couldn't find a room downtown so opted for staying in Rockville, MD. It worked out really well. Just jump on the Metro, transfer at Metro Center and you're in Foggy Bottom. Rooms are about 1/3 the price of downtown, they don't charge for parking and most include breakfast. Biggest benefit turned out to be D now knows how to navigate the Metro. Very different from the NYC system she is used to.</p>

<p>So many options, we have tried many of them. GW Inn is nice, and often pricey. State Hotel is close, older and reasonably good. Melrose and Lombardy are nice. Have also stayed at Westin Grande when there is a good deal on Hotwire. But like imvulpine, we have also found extremely good deals on the subway for a whole lot cheaper. There are some Marriott Courtyards that you can get for $99 including hot breakfast and parking (for example, in Dunne Loring). Just depends on your cost restrictions and the timing. Be careful if you need parking, it can add $30/day on the city options.</p>

<p>Usually stay in Arlington (Rosslyn). Have stayed in several hotels there. The rates are cheaper than DC, hotel tax is lower, & we're usually only one stop away from Foggy Bottom on the Metro.</p>

<p>how is the st. gregory suites????</p>

<p>how is the st. gregory suites????</p>

<p>St gregory is a little too old . Also the slowest elevators ever. But if you don't mind old and elevators, you would be ok</p>

<p>I just got home from my second stay @ Washington Suites Georgetown. It is great for families because:
great location- a few blocks from GW, and a short walk to Georgetown shopping/dining
The rooms are very spacious: BR w/ 2 queen beds plus LR w/a pull out couch- could sleep 5 easily
Big flat screen TV in both rooms
Free internet
Free breakfast, which is not deluxe, but is very adequate
full kitchen (a separate room), and a Trader Joe's across the street
Pets are allowed</p>

<p>This is NOT a full service hotel- there is no restaurant or room service.For families, it's very nice. Valet parking.</p>

<p>I stay at Hotel Lombardy because of its proximity. I have stayed at GW Inn and it is nice too.</p>

<p>Most of the hotels near campus seem to be pricey. I did book at the GWU Inn for CI at a decent rate ($133-$166 a night, GW rate). I also booked a Saturday night in November (D's Birthday) there at the AAA rate of $107. The GW rate was $130 so look at all of your options before booking. </p>

<p>For Move in we are staying at a Hampton in Silver Spring (GWU Inn was booked) and for Parents Weekend I am using HHonors points to stay at the Doubletree, which is across the street from the GWU Inn. We stayed there during Accepted Students day and it was nice.</p>

<p>thanks for all the great suggestions and info!</p>

<p>anyone know if GWU Inn charges for parking? can look on website i guess.</p>

<p>generic charges are in the 40 dollar a day parking fees. But for CI, you'll get a parking permit for the day, for free.</p>

<p>GWU Inn is great...River Inn is also great....We have stayed at both several times. They are both very near the campus and they are small cozy hotels with nice staffs and good service...other option is got a deal at the Rennsaisance Hotel which was also very good.</p>