Hotel interivew: suit or jacket & tie?

<p>Does anyone know if boys are expected to wear a full suit to the Hotel on-capmus interview or will a jacket & tie suffice? If the suit is expected, I am happy to go out and purchase one. My sense is that the suit might be expected at SHA. Any thoughts or experience? Thanks!</p>

<p>Being its a hotel interview and they are usually known to be very strict about the dress codes, I say go formal like a suit on the safe side.</p>

<p>Thanks renyun. This is what I expected but I was hoping to hear from someone who had interviewed or current students who see the interviewees on campus. I realize there aren’t that many students, especially SHA students, on this forum, so thank you for you input.</p>

<p>Both of my nephews are hotelies. They said suit is better, but there are people who wear jacket and tie. I would invest in a nice tailored suit for the interview.</p>

<p>Thank you for the inside scoop, oldfort! That is what I feared, but was hoping to avoid with this still-growing boy.</p>

<p>Employees in hotels, banks, financial institutions,… usually wear suit everyday. So you need to go with the common sense.</p>