Hotel Management?

<p>Does it strike anyone else as being weird that Cornell has a school of hotel management? Is it like the premier institute for hotel management in the US? What kinds of jobs come of it?</p>

<p>elevenblanks - the Cornell hotel school is indeed the premier institute for hotel administration in the World. It may sound a little snobbish but the Ivy League resources make us truly a unique place to study the operational as well as the management aspect of the hospitality industry. Job prospects are diverse and plentiful - hotel corporations, investment banks, and even hospitality design firms... It's a great institution for those "people-oriented" scholars.</p>

<p>the other school in the nation in the same league as cornell in hotel management is cal poly pomona. the collins schools is always ranked in the top three by every criterion, and the fees are about ten per cent of cornell's. check it out for yourself.</p>