Hotel says they're sold out, but Priceline shows room?

<p>Thought we'd splurge a little on our trip to MN and stay at The Saint Paul. I contacted the hotel directly and they say they're sold out for one of the nights we'll be in town, but Priceline says there is room available. Is that because hotels set aside a certain number of rooms for Priceline,, etc?</p>

<p>Is that the bidding part (name your own price) of Priceline or the part where they quote you a room? If the latter, then yes, I believe they have rooms set aside.</p>

<p>Thanks! - yes, this was where they just gave me a price. It was a little less than the price quoted on the hotel's own website. </p>

<p>I did have some fun with "name your own price" when booking rooms in Appleton, WI and near St. Peter, MN - paid about 60% of the advertised price.</p>

<p>Same thing happened to us for our stay in NJ, starting tomorrow. Hotel website says no vacancy but we bought rooms on Hotwire for under $60 for 4 star, hotel website had them at $225-$240 per night.</p>

<p>Same thing just happened again when we bought rooms for Parent Weekend. Hotel website and reservation booking lady also said sold out. But purchased them yesterday on Hotwire again. Same hotel as above purchase. I saved the list of amenities and when the same list was displayed I figured it was the same hotel.</p>

<p>The 4 star ended up being less than the close by 1 star.</p>