Hotel School?

<p>I recently heard of Cornell's Hotel School. Sounds pretty neat. I haven't ever done any EC stuff relating business though (parents want me going premed). Are admissions to CHS generally more selective than the other schools? If so, does it hurt my chances that all my summer/work experience has been in the biological sciences field?</p>

<p>The Hotel School admissions are weird. The school likes to see students who have had experience in the service industry or serving just in general. If you have a lot of community service experience and can somehow twist it around to make it sound as though you are interested in serving people, then I'd say you have a decent shot getting in.
Admissions are weird. Grades differ from one candidate to another. Some have high GPAs others have relatively lower. SATs are important, but lower than most of the other colleges at Cornell. The middle SAT last year was 1320 at the hotel school.
From what I've heard, read, and even spoken to people about, service is perhaps the most important requirement for Hotel School candidates. But if you are interested in the school, by all means, apply away. If you're applying RD, you can still look for a service job or another way to serve people. Don't let anything stop you from applying though, if the Hotel School is where you really do see yourself.
Best wishes.</p>