'Household' question on application. Please help!

Sorry this might be obvious to some but to me it’s not…

Well, I’ve already submitted 2 online application to 2 different Calstate universities, and I’ve now completed the 3rd, but I’m stumped on a seemingly simple question. Or is it not so simple?

It’s the question about the applicant’s “Household.” Now, on my FAFSA application, however, the Household question is quite simple, so it just asks JUST that, something to the effect of “how many in your household?” Well, that pretty much says it all right?

Ok, but on the calstate application, for example, you have 2 different places to answer that quesiton, section II and III, but the application instructs you to ONLY answer the one in section II if you were born before some date in the year 1982. Well, I was indeed born before that date, so I obviously have to answer to that section only… BUT

BUT…!>>> Here’s the thing… the 2nd question says include you, your parents, etc… but in the one I have to answer in my section (II) it says include you, your spouse (if married) and any dependants that live with you.

So it doesn’t say include your parents…

Sooooooo, I just happen to live with my mom (so just her and I, 2) so do I include her and punch in 2 or just leave it at one?!?!?

I mean it’s confusing because household is household, but they’re adding info. here on what to include…


Pleaes help , I’m so confused that this is the only reason I have stalled this 3rd application for like 3 hours already…

Here’s a direct paste from the application…

______ PASTE START BELOW____________

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions OR if you were born before January 1, 1982, complete section II only. Otherwise, complete section III only.

II. Financial information from applicant (and spouse)
Total size of your household in 2005-2006:

(include yourself, your spouse if you are married, and any other legal dependents — including children — who are living with you)<br>
Number of dependent children living with you:<br>
Applicant’s (and, if married, spouse’s) total 2004 income from all sources other than financial aid: $<br>
(include earnings from work and benefits such as TANF, veterans’ benefits, etc.)

III. Financial information from applicant’s parents
Total size of parents’ household in 2005-2006:<br>
(include applicant, parents, other dependent children, and other dependents)<br>
Parents’ total income for 2004: $

<p>I'm guessing that It's because if you were born before that date, you are considered independent, so your family income doesn't count.</p>

<p>Thank you! Makes sense... I'll leave it at 1.</p>