Housing after freshman year (off campus?)...

I think I read that Mines only offers housing to Freshmen. Do any Soph+ live on campus?

Also, is it hard to find off-campus housing? Are costs and leases reasonable? (esp as compared to Boulder where I hear landlords make parents sign $45K guarantees, and housing is $$$).

Are there off campus apartment complexes for students and are they nice and close to campus?

@sunnyschool We had the same questions and were reassured to learn there are a lot of options—ask about them when you visit—as well as new residence halls that they’re building just for upperclass students.

@Marcelle - new upperclass residence halls would be GREAT! Do you know when they will be ready for use?

@sunnyschool If memory serves, one is coming online next year, while the other is the following year. If they’re at all like the other newer residence halls, this will be a huge win for Mines. I will say though that when we learned about all the housing options, even without the new halls, it was reassuring.

I also asked about this on our tour and was reassured that housing is not hard to find close to campus. I haven’t priced it out, but Golden is significantly cheaper than Boulder, so can’t believe it’s comparable.

Some Mines students do commute from Lakewood, which is south of Golden, as Lakewood is less expensive compared to Golden, but the new housing will give students more options.