housing and other..

<p>hey im a junior and obsessed with cornell im not so sure on my chances right now but thats not the point..</p>

<p>i have a daghter and i was wondering if anyone know if EOP would cover off-campus housing. I dont have the finaces to cover living any other way so this is a very important factor in my decision to even apply..</p>

<p>also what is the average SAT and or SATII and ACT scores? my GPA is up there and i doubt will be a problem and ec's are about as good as it gets given my situation</p>

<p>youre a junior and you have a daughter?
cornell is an ivy league so u can expect the average stats to be up there</p>

<p>In response to the above post :I don't think that SCF08 asked to be judged by anyone here.</p>

<p>SCF08 : The average scores are pretty high. I aimed to get my SAT scores to 1400(2100). SAT IIs- greater than 700. Remember that some people with scores higher than that don't get in and some people with scores lower than that do get in. Therefore many other factors are just as important.</p>

<p>I really don't know what they can do for you in terms of housing, but I bet if you called them someone would be willing to help figure things out with you. Hope this helps.