Housing and related costs off campus and on campus


<p>I'm hoping to attend MSU in the coming days. I was offered OOS tuition waiver and additional 3K scholarship off from my in state tuition. However I'm concerned with the living costs. How much will it costs to live on and off campus for a typical student (I don't have problem with sharing a room with another person if that make the costs lower)? I Found on campus housing little expensive (sorry but I've no idea regarding this.)</p>

<p>and what would be total COA if I live off campus for one year?
thanks in advance for your help. :) </p>

Hey I know you posted this over a year ago and I hope you are enjoying MSU. but i have a question unrelated to yours. I am curious to what your ACT and GPA were that you received an additional 3K off your instate. I know you need a 26 to get instate but i would like to know your stats. thanks!

@Undecided2020, not sure this helps, but my S is OOS for 2020. He received an OOS tuition waiver, tuition waiver, engineering scholarhip and a housing waiver for 4 yrs. His ACT 34, gpa UW 3.74, W 4.29 at a nationally ranked IB school. All together it will cover the cost of attendance. This will give you at least some idea. I have found the folks in the financial aid and scholarships department to be very helpful via phone.

That is awesome! I am curious to know how ur son covered all of his expenses? My Son was also OOS and a 34 ACT and gpa of 3.9 and 4.5. Scholarships were engineering, housing ( 1st yr), OOS tuition waver.

@raven2016, sorry for not replying sooner. I overlooked bookmarking this thread and just came back to it. Sounds like our sons have a lot in common. My son hoped for the Pres. Scholarship, but wasn’t selected; however MSU really came through with a handful of scholarships to cover COA. His superscore was a 35. here is what they offered him:
Non-resident tuition scholarship $10,500 x 4
Freshman Academic Excellence Sch $6500 x 4
Engineering Excellence Schol $3000 x 4
Valedictorian Schol $1500 x 4
Housing scholarship on-campus for 1st year (we may be on the hook the last 3…)
I think that is all.

He will be in the Shackouls Honors College

Will you be at the April 11 orientation? If so, we need to plan on meeting and introducing our kids. Where are you folks from? We’re in BHM burbs.

No worries WarEagle. It appears S is going to UA. Our second trip to MSU just didn’t impress him as much as UA even though it’s a good engineering school. Some things that concerned us: 1 advisor for over 200 ME freshman, having to hire several ME teachers, some of engineering buildings needed a major facelift, and the uncertainty that with Me being the largest and fastest growing major at MSU, were they doing enough to meet those needs.

Thanks for the thoughts and best of luck!

@raven2016, also best of luck to your son.