Housing App Help!

<p>I dont know if I should put yes or no for the quiet question. I guess I'm quiet sometimes but I also like being social and letting loose. I dont want to pick yes and end up with a real quiet non social roomate but I dont want to be uncomfortable with a wild roomate. Whats your opinion?</p>

<p>my sister goes to State and she says it’s more for if you would like a quiet environment in your dorm, like for studying, not really about your personality, necessarily. hopefully, some people from State will let you know if I’m correct or not</p>

<p>every dorm floor has “24 hour courtesy hours” and some floors set up their own quiet hours. Quiet housing is not significantly quieter than regular housing, particularly because many students get put in it without choosing it in the first place. They are just a tiny bit stricter on enforcing noise. I think a quieter environment depends more on the dorm in question and the number of freshmen on the floor than on the nature of whether the floor is deemed quiet or not. My general opinion - don’t bother putting yes for quiet housing unless you really like it to be quiet. But either way, quiet doesn’t mean antisocial. There are going to be all varieties of from quiet to extremely social, no matter what type of dorm you get put in.</p>

<p>Oh okay I didn’t realize there was specific quite floors. Good thing I didn’t just put yes. Thanks so much</p>