Housing App Question about KLLC

I put 1. Northwest
2. Enhanced Housing
4. Double
5. Single

The only enhanced housing I want to be in is Briscoe as it is in the Northwest neighborhood. Therefore, do you recommend me moving Enhanced Housing to 1 to emphasize it more? Also, if I do get accepted into KLLC, am I automatically put into the KLLC?

I have no idea about the order for 1 and 2 but if KLLC is 3, you won’t be automatically placed there if you get in. If you would rather live in the KLLC than Briscoe, put it at 1.

@iubaccounting If i do get accepted in the KLLC, but since it is 3rd, let’s say they place me in Briscoe. Am I allowed to later change into KLLC?

Since so many students want to live in the KLLC, if it isn’t your 1st choice you have virtually zero chance of being placed there.

If you want to live in the LLC, rank it #1. If you want to live somewhere else, don’t waste your 3rd preference on the KLLC.

To be honest, I don’t know. I am a current high school senior and in the same boat as you. I would call or email the admissions office.