Housing Application while awaiting admissions decision

Anyone with experience in this area? Is it presumptuous to apply for housing without even knowing you will be accepted? Clearly with freshman not being guaranteed housing it makes sense to secure a place in line should you be accepted.

I would think admissions is not privy to those applying for housing before a final decision has been made and it is all kept separate, as housing and admissions are their own entities within the UF system. I would hope this is not a way for people to feel they are demonstrating further interest by paying the fee, while small, this early to illustrate desire to attend UF.

I was an OOS applicant, so I submitted the housing application fee ($25 IIRC) as I didn’t want to risk not receiving on-campus housing if I was admitted and decided to attend.

I don’t think paying the fee is measured as a sign of interest by admissions, but I don’t know that it isn’t…

If UF is a top choice, I recommend paying the $25 and here’s why: 1) You want your freshman to live on campus if at all possible and by getting the fee in early (now), you will have that option if your kid is accepted. It has been widely studied and proven that kids who live on campus as freshman have better success rates. 2) While UF’s process feels like a bit of a money grab now, it is nothing compared to the financial commitment required for other Florida school’s. For example, if your kid gets accepted to UCF during current rolling admissions, and that’s the preferred “backup,” you will have to put down about $200 to hold a place while you wait for the UF decision at the end of February.

I know of several kids who lost out on getting on campus housing at other schools because they didn’t properly thread the needle with housing deposits.

As a UF alum, it was easy for me to pay it for my kids, as I viewed it as a de facto donation had they not gotten in. Having an early housing fee date absolutely helped my oldest during the process.

If UF is a major reach or not a top choice, then perhaps you hold off. If you think your kid has a shot at UF and it’s a top choice, ante up the $25.

If it’s really only $25, and housing is a challenge, it seems a worthwhile investment. Relative to overall college costs, it’s a drop in the bucket.

I’d do it right away. You will already be behind other kids that already paid in the housing lottery.

@GatorDad305 excellent info, many thanks for taking the time to reply.

@RichInPitt AGREE!

@flprepaidmom done :0)

A few yrs ago, we were told to absolutely submit the application / fee ahead of admissions to reserve a spot. Seemed like a money grab to me. But it’s only $25 so why not.