Housing Application

<p>As an incoming transfer student, I desire to live on campus.</p>

<p>I applied to the residence halls but I know I probably won't get in as there is limited space for transfer students and it is predominantly freshmen.</p>

<p>And it is mandatory to apply for Arroyo if you're applying on campus so I did that. I was wondering when we would find out where we're living and who we're living with. Additionally, I was wondering how they paired us up because I don't remember answering questions about our lifestyles so it would be a better fit. </p>


<p>There should have been a Personal Information form that you submitted to AV, in regards to sleeping habits, smoking, etc.</p>

<p>It actually just asked why you chose the themes you did and how you would contribute to the community. If I missed something, fail cause I didn't include anything else.</p>