Housing Assignment

<p>Has anybody received their housing assignments (like which building, who your roommate is, etc) yet? I thought they had said they'd get back to us by early/mid june, but I still haven't heard anything from them.</p>

<p>No, they get back to us early/mid July. July 15, specifically, is their date.</p>

<p>oh wow - must have totally misread that. i did the form a while ago and probably had read it, but didnt remember. i also tried looking for it again today, but couldnt find any mention of the date.</p>


<p>I checked the facebook groups for the class of 2012 and some of them found out earlier than the July 15th date by calling.</p>

<p>On July 15th it becomes available online and you also receive it in the mail around then, apparently.</p>

<p>Check your SIO student account. You'll see an invoice and you'll have been billed for your housing - with the name and room type mentioned. You're welcome :P</p>

<p>gregory house is right. There are specific directions in the CMU thread in case you get lost (like I did :) ) Anyway, it only tells you where you will be living and the room type (standard, double, etc), not who your roommate is or what floor you're on</p>

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