Housing Assignments For Firsties

<p>I spoke with Residential Life Office at Smith this a.m. I was advised that housing assignments for firsties will occur on July 23rd.</p>


<p>Thanks, my d who is a rising sophomore was curious about this too. Thanks.</p>

<p>STRIDE assignments were sent out today by Smith. Firstie daughter received hers. This is making the upcoming first year experience very, very real for daughter.</p>

<p>Congrats to you both! Do you mind sharing the name of the professor she is assigned to?</p>

<p>LDS in Bio</p>

<p>Is the 23rd the set date for housing assignments? Because I know that first-years received an email that said housing assignments would be sent the WEEK OF the 23rd.</p>

<p>Rumor has it that it is being delayed a bit. Nothing like this is ever “set in stone.” Apparently there have been several IT glitches at Smith over the last week or so. We shall see.</p>

<p>A fellow firstie called, and we won’t be receiving assignments today. She was told they would come “sometime this week.” The suspense is killing us! ;)</p>

<p>Good to know that the firstie housing assignments will be delayed. Daughter has been waiting expecting something today. Nothing to do but wait!</p>

<p>.02 David</p>