Housing Assignments Posted

Not sure if anyone has checked recently, but my daughter's housing assignment & roommate information is now available on Panther Central. I assume that means all freshmen have been assigned. </p>

<p>Much earlier than we expected to see this information posted, and very happy to know she received her first choice. A friend of hers also received one of her top choices of dorms, so it seems the process does work out.</p>

<p>Where did you find that info?</p>


<p>Nevermind - I found it.</p>

<p>PVL I have to assume is Forbes since he got Honors Housing.</p>

<p>D can't find it. How did you get to the info? Thanks</p>

<p>Found it...</p>

<p>Wow, I didn't get any of my top three choices. I wanted to live in Sutherland and I wound up in Lothrop? That kind of sucks. Also, I wanted a roommate but I am in a single. Anyone know if Lothrop is a good place to live?</p>

<p>She found the info by logging into her Pitt account, then choosing "communities", then panther central, then e-housing from the column on the left, next select your housing application... then the links to your dorm assignment, roommate, and meal plan will appear. Hope that helps.</p>


Hope so...my daughter will be staying there. Lots of nurses and medical related majors tend to choose Lothrup. They have a couple of LLC programs also.</p>

<p>Anyone know which floor(s) the nursing LLC is on?</p>

<p>Has anyone been able to access this information today? We tried two different browsers, Chrome and Internet Explorer, but the site seems to be unavailable...</p>

<p>In case anybody else is struggling with this--you have to allow popups in your browser in order for the housing application link to work correctly. Once we changed our browser settings everything was fine.</p>

<p>Tower C!
Does 315 mean 3rd floor?</p>

<p>Yes it does.</p>

<p>Woo, Tower C!</p>

<p>I'm glad, this was my first choice. I really wanted a single (sharing a room with your little brother for most of your life will do that to you), but still wanted to be close to the Cathedral.</p>

<p>Any other freshmen dorming over here? I see painholic is.</p>

<p>Lots of incoming freshmen are posting over on the Facebook Pitt Class of 2014 group about which dorms/floors they were assigned. That might be a good way for you to connect with some others in Tower C. (Check under the Discussions section)</p>

<p>Also, at some point, the RA's are supposed to start a Facebook group for students in their dorms so that people can communicate over the summer.</p>