Housing Assignments to be emailed today!


Make sure your kiddo checks his or her Ozone account today.

Yay! Boren for my son. With the 4.8% tuition hike announced today, I will take anything that will help with cost!

Boren for my son too! Glad with how it worked out - good luck all!

I called Housing and Res Life just now to ask about the 404 error in the bed lofting link. Those poor people in that office–they are being absolutely abused today by cranky parents and kids who didn’t get the housing they wanted. I was polite to the young man who answered my call–basic politeness, mind you; nothing special–and he told me about ten times how grateful he was to have answered a friendly call on such a dark day.

The nice young man just called me back with a link for the bed lofting or bunking request.

I highly recommend lofting your bed in the dorm, at least to start the year. If you dislike having to climb in and out of bed that much, you can always request that they unloft it. It is really hard to understate how much more space lofting your bed gives you, though.