Housing assignments

<p>I hate to be the person to post this thread, but does anyone know exactly when housing assignments come out? I know it's on the 28th but at what time? I'm guessing no one knows it down to the second, but maybe approximately?</p>

<p>I'm so excited and obsessed (with WestCo and my potential roommate) that it's an extremely big deal for me so I just had to ask. </p>

<p>Oh, also, do we just sign into our portfolios and see a new link that contains all the information or do we get an email or is there an existing link that will be updated that I can bookmark and compulsively refresh?</p>

<p>My friend, who will be a sophomore at Wes, tells me that the housing assignments go online at midnight on the 28th.</p>

<p>Woohoo! Thanks :D</p>