Housing at Purdue

<p>I got my acceptance letter, so I have been thinking about housing now. What are the best dorms? How's the food? Should I live in dorm first year and then move to apartment or just rent a apartment first year as it might be cheaper.</p>

<p>We just visited and I thought Cary Quadrangle (from the outside) was the neatest looking dorm. If you are engineering major, it's closest to the engineering buildings. (It's all men's BTW). The Purdue website has photos of the dorms.</p>

<p>Whatever you do, put your housing application in NOW, if you're already been accepted. That way you have a much better chance of getting the dorm that you want. If later you change your mind, I think the most you'll be out is a deposit. As for dorms, if you're in engineering, Cary (for men) is the closest to the engineering mall. They've been renovating it so it may be decent (it's also the oldest men's housing on campus). Avoid McCutcheon, mainly because it's the furthest from anything. My DS was in Harrison and like it a lot. I hear the new food court in Earhart is great, as is the whole new food area over near Cary. Enjoy. Go Boilers!!!</p>

<p>Thanks for reminding me; I just sent S's housing online. Do you know what dorm the learning communities are in? He wants to be in the engineering one. I guess they will be sending the housing preference later on. Also, can they eat at any dining hall or just their particular dorm's? I really don't understand which dining halls are included in their meal plan. We ate at the student union and the food was pretty good there.</p>

<p>engineering communities are in earhart. there's honors engineering and women in engineering, so lots of engineers, though i guess he wouldn't want women in engineering. if he wants, i think there might also be a cooperative house for engineers. there's a girls one for science, engineering, and technology, so there might be one for guys. i think there might be some other learning communities, you can check online. i forgot the website, but i'll find it and post it later if you want.</p>

<p>It's been a few years, but I think the information on the learning communities came later and was a separate application, or at least a separate card to send back saying you were interested in it. I'm pretty sure they tell you which dorm is for which learning communities for both men and women. As for dining halls, students can eat at any of them. There's a brand new stand alone one over by Cary that was just under construction a couple of years ago so I'm sure is open now. There's a couple of different meal plans, but that information will be coming, and I'm sure you can dig it out of their website.</p>

<p>this might help: <a href="http://www.purdue.edu/Retention/LLC/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.purdue.edu/Retention/LLC/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>new learning community info and applications are made available in mid january.</p>

<p>which off campus housing apartment is the best?</p>

<p>Okay heres my overview on Purdue's On-Campus Housing Choices:</p>

<p>Best Dorms for Girls:
-Owen = Closest dorm to campus especially the Engineering Buildings. Really close to the Co-Rec(Rec. Center), Ford Dining Court(I think the best dining court out there). Pretty nicely sized room with a big closet(however, it's an open closet).
-Earhart/Shreve = Air Conditioning in every room, Close to good dining courts(Earhart, Windsor). Bus stop right outside the building that has the Silver Loop(basically makes a circle around the entire campus except Beering/PUSH/Pre. Vet building), Wabash Trolley(easy way of going to the wabash landing/lafayette), and South Campus loop. Near the Co-Rec also.
-McCutcheon = Even though its the farthest dorm from campus, I don't think distance really matters. You can either have a nice walk to campus or dorm, or take the bus. McCutcheon offers an extra choice of a bus loop which is the Gold loop right infront of the building. Gold Loop basically makes a circle around the campus even Beering Hall. It also has Purdue West right across the street so you can get stuff to eat later at night and on Sunday night where there is no dinner in the dining courts. Purdue West has Dairy Queens, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Subway. Nice rooms also, never been to the Girls side of McCutch but the Boy's side does have nice, "pretty new" furniture. Quite big sized rooms also and a nice closet.
-Harrison = They are expected to get air conditioning in all their rooms this summer which makes it better. It's right across from Earhart/Shreve and has McCutcheon behind it. Harrison also has nice rooms and has a variety of bus choices.
<em>Never been to Windsor or Wiley, both have good locations though</em></p>

<p>Boys Best Choices:
-Cary's Freshman dorms suck, It's small and the bunk beds are a joke. It's basically getting 6 4x4's that are 7 ft long and making a frame so that two mattresses can go on top of it. The beds are high up there that you have literally 1.5 ft between you and the ceiling. If you get Cary Suites though which is really hard/impossible then it's bad ass. The laundry room is also located in two locations I believe and you have to drag your ass through the big building if your in a bad location to do laundry. The only pluses to this dorm is that it's near Ross Ade, Mackey, Ford Dining, and especially the Engineering Mall.
-McCutcheon/Earhart/McCutcheon - Look at above. It's also near the Co-Rec and Intramural Fields which is a plus for guys who are really into intramural sports.
-Owen - Look at above. </p>

<p>Info/Opinion on Hilltop/Purdue Village(PV)
Honestly I think the best between these is Purdue Village if your a freshman. Purdue Village has a variety of bus loops you can take to and from campus cause your on State Street. PV also allows alot of parking spots right infront of your apartment. Your near a few dining courts(Hillenbrand, Earhart, Windsor). Close to the Co-Rec compared to Hilltop. You walk flatland compared to Hilltop. Now I will explain why I think Hilltop sucks, if your a freshman your going to be placed on top of the hill. It sucks being up there cause its quite a steep hill, your far from campus abit, no bus loops to take except the Tower Acres which drops you off at the bottom of the hill. Your far from the Co-Rec and Dining Courts, closest dining court is Ford. If you want a bite to eat you have to walk down the hill and go to the dining court or Cary Knight Spot then walk up that hill. In terms of the interior, I think Purdue Village is better but Hilltop might feel abit more bigger. They both have a big fridge and kitchen though. Basically they are in the same level in terms of interior. They both require 4 roommates too. </p>

<p>If anyone wants First St. Towers, its going to be impossible for freshman. Unless you are lucky as hell. It should be going from seniority on who lived in the housing complexes more I believe. It's not worth it also since your going to be in a single room and won't have that much interaction since you wont have a roommate. It's not worth all that money also. </p>

<p>FYI, its not worth getting any meal plans above 15 meals a week. Your going to be eating outside a few times, and ordering in. The food might be really really good the first few weeks and months but then you get sick of it and don't want to eat it. I recommend the 12 meal plan cause alot of dining dollars which is useful and you can use your leftover meal on On-The-Go's. </p>

<p>Best Off-Campus Housing Choices:
-College Station
-Campus Suites
-Willowbrook Apartments
-Wabash Landing Apartments</p>

<p>Just wanted to say thanks to Jimgotkp ^^</p>

<p>Is there like a main quad or anything like UIUC?</p>

<p>Any information on Windsor?</p>

<p>From what I could tell from Purdue's site, it doesn't matter when you apply for housing since there is a lottery. Isn't this true?</p>

<p>Students who apply for housing by May 1 will be assigned a random number via a lottery system for housing assignments. Housing assignments will be communicated via your @purdue.edu email address in early June.</p>

<p>So why does it matter if you put the deposit in now or on April 31?</p>

<p>(Purdue</a> University - You're A Boilermaker)</p>

<p>Thanks for the information, Jimgotkp.</p>

<p>But, I'm thinking of the off-campus housing. Anyone can give me a more detailed information on off-campus housing? (whether which one is better in terms of distance, quality, and so forth.)</p>

From what I could tell from Purdue's site, it doesn't matter when you apply for housing since there is a lottery. Isn't this true?</p>

<p>Students who apply for housing by May 1 will be assigned a random number via a lottery system for housing assignments. Housing assignments will be communicated via your @purdue.edu email address in early June.</p>

<p>So why does it matter if you put the deposit in now or on April 31?


<p>If this is true, you have made me a VERY happy prospective student.</p>

<p>Have a cookie. : )</p>

<p>GLAW, the only quad at Purdue is Cary Quad. The huge front building is the freshman crappy room building. The sides are back are Cary Suites, one of the best rooms at Purdue but hard for freshmen to get. </p>

<p>I'm not sure about the lottery though, it can make sense though. People who put their housing deposit in around April compared to someone who put theirs in around November usually get Earhart/Shreve.</p>

<p>Housing is defiently a lottery, and this is the first year for it. They talked about it at the purdues for me visit.</p>

<p>Just to let you all know Hillenbrand and First Street Towers is all full. I heard that Cary Suites is about full to now, just news for the upperclassmen who haven't done their housing apps. yet.</p>

<p>Could you please recommend a Dorm (for Girls) that is near Management building? My daughter is going there this Fall. thanks!</p>

<p>There's none really close to the Management building... When Young was open it would've been but now its not an undergraduate dormitory anymore. The closest one would be Windsor but every other dorm is right next to it. So yeah</p>

<p>I have a quick question, i was assigned a dorm july 15th and i was wondering if there was any way of getting a reassignment, one is that possible? and two if so who do i contact?</p>