Housing, College Park

Hi, Can anyone talk about the housing? Just got back from Admitted Students Day and were told housing was only guaranteed for the first two year. And that many rooms were forced triples and quads.
What do the students do for junior and senior year housing and how difficult are they to get?
Are forced triples and quads all over campus (ie, LLC dorms)? Thanks!

@Aeg203 - I can speak from my D’s experience Last year there were many forced triples and quads, because more students enrolled than usual. They actually had about 14% more students enroll than the previous year. Will it happen again this? I don’t know, but maybe they lowered the number admitted this year to compensate for that.

Students are only guaranteed on-campus housing for the first 2 years. Honors College students are guaranteed on campus housing all 4 years, but NOT their choice of housing,

Many students, including my D and all of her friends, were planning to move into apartments, from day 1. I think this is a normal progression in life.

There are 2 UMD-Associated apartment complexes that are available for rising Juniors who have had on campus housing for the first 2 years. They are “The Courtyards” and “South Campus Commons”. I say “associated” because they are not managed by UMD. They require 12 month leases and individual renter’s insurance.

Rising Juniors actually have priority for both places. The Courtyards is across the road from North Campus and has shuttle buses to various point on campus. South Campus Commons (SCC) is actually on campus adjacent to Knox Road. My D and 3 roommates were in SCC for their last 2 years

The area around campus has multiple apartment complexes, houses and private rooms for rent at a variety of prices.

My D, who is currently working at UMD, rents a two bedroom apartment, along with another girl, in a private house that is a little over 2 miles south of UMD. She usaully takes the UMD shuttle bus to work…

I hope this helps.

@SoofDad Thank you very much! You gave me such helpful information! You don’t get this when visiting :). You really need to know clearly what your going into in every aspect and housing is always a concern. It sounds like your D has had a positive and very good experience with her living arrangements throughout the years which makes me comfortable to know. And the fact that there are shuttle buses supporting that is a plus. Thanks again!

@Aeg203 - I just want to add that there probably a fair number of Juniors and Seniors who do stay in dorms. I just don’t know much about how that works. But the students figure all this stuff out, as they go along.

Hello. My freshman son and 3 of his buddies (all currently freshmen) are looking to be in South Campus Commons starting in Fall '21. Just wondering what their chances are for getting in? Not sure how “competitive” it is.

@huchord - My D attended UMD 2014-2018. Back then, current residents and Rising Juniors had priority for South Campus Commons and the Courtyards.

There is a lottery system that is used. I don’t remember the details, but they should be available to students. Your son and his friends may want to consider just switching Dorms. My D and her roommate did that, moving from Hagerstown to Denton for their Sophomore year.

I really have no idea what the Housing situation is like now, especially with Covid.