Housing Contract

I just received my housing contract and I have a double room in Bursley. I was wondering if anyone else has received theirs yet and what they are.

My daughter received a double in south quad. She was very pleased with this unexpected result.

I got double in South Quad. I’m pretty excited.

How do you view your contract? Do they email you?

If you got the email, there should be a link to follow. That link will give you the dorm and type of room. You have to choose your meal plan and then click through a few pages.

You may also go to housing.umich.edu and look up for your contract after logging in.

Can someone please explain to me how housing contracts work? I still haven’t gotten mine yet. Apparently roommate assignments, exact room dimensions and move-in time slots become available to view on August 7th… is it possible I might not even get my housing contract by August 7th? It would seem very unfair, especially given the time-slots, as most people view the 4th as a more preferable move-in date, assuming people who don’t have their housing contract by then, can’t access the time slots for move-in, etc.

@carlsandburgsr If you submit your application before deadline, then you should be fine. The housing contracts are coming out. Only those residential programs have early release of housing contract. The regular ones should be coming out these days. Last year, there was even a few weeks delay due to the over-enrollment and they had to convince some return students to trade with their dorm spaces (~300 of them). I don’t see why the 4th would be more preferable. It is just a matter of fitting your schedule. Early birds get nothing in this case except that your roommates may have picked the better bed. :wink:

@billcsho. Contracts came out today for most and seems to only be giving option of the 3 rd or 4 th. I never understood why move in would be scheduled for the 5 th when convocation was on the 4 th.

As great as UM is academically, it seems to fail at housing. The fact that a university with the talent and resources of UM cannot manage how to assign rooms to incoming students in a reasonably quick fashion (and, remember, this is random and no tedious matching is necessary) is beyond comprehension.

I’ve got to agree @mmDad1965. I think it is really bad to assign some students rooms and roommates and give them move in times and not even tell other students where they will be. I am aware of other very large universities who don’t have these kind of issues. They tell everyone at once where they will be. Once again my daughter was lucky but I feel bad for those who are not. There really is no excuse

My son is in that group that does not know. He received an email from housing yesterday essentially saying they will get to it soon. As an alum, it is really quite embarrassing that housing is so incompetent. I intend to communicate my concerns to the university, but I will wait until the dust settles before doing so.

@carlsandburgsr Have you received any news from housing? My son has still not heard and I was curious.

Nope, fortunately I’m actually in Ann Arbor right now, so I’ll probably stop by and have a chat with UM Housing. @mmDad1965

Good luck and let me know if you find out any useful information on how the situation is being addressed.

No luck, they were ambiguous, said the housing assignment/contract should come within 2 weeks.

@carlsandburgsr Not sure what you are thinking, but the lack of solid communications with actual facts about what is happening and how it is being solved is disheartening. I think we would feel better if we knew the actual issues and the actual plan of attack to solve those issues. Simply indicating you will learn within 2 weeks does not seem too reassuring. Good luck. I will let you know if we learn anything. My son is going to call yet this week if there is not news.

Last year, they were ~300 short in dorm space and had to delay the notification to some freshmen. Not sure what is the issue this year. Anyway, they only promise the contract in late summer without specific date. But they do say first week of August for roommate information.

I’m a supporter of the University but, if my son was still waiting I would upset and want to know the issue. Best of luck - you both deserve Central campus, waiting this long.

The fact that they said roommate information would be provided by the first week of August and now have failed to do so is upsetting. Understand that my own child got her roommate information and her dorm assignment. But what bothers me is that Michigan has not felt any need to meaningfully apologize for failing to honor what they said and explain how they will work to remedy the situation. Can you imagine any other business that could operate this way without consequence? What will they tell students about the need to meet their promises ? What will they tell them about what will happen in the “real world” if they don’t?