housing dilemma

<p>When an opening came up, my S transferred to Riverside East to be closer to the Eng. bldgs. Now, he is being contacted by a roommate and another kid, who both tell him that the 4th opening was meant to be for this other kid who did not get my son's space when it opened up. Apparently all 4 sophomores are friends and the 1 kid was unable to get pulled in the space before my son unwittingly grabbed it. The kid lives in Riverside North in a 2-bedroom. We are not willing to pay the difference in cost bet. a 2 and 4-bedroom for this kid and my son to switch. Now, the kid says housing told him that if housing can find an empty room in a 4-bedroom suite for my son, they need to both appear in housing and request the switch. This will need to take place 2 weeks after move-in. Kid #4 has been pretty persistent because he wants to live with his 3 friends. Apparently they were all friends freshman year and decided to room together this year.</p>

<p>Our concern is that with my son being the odd man out of 3 sophomores who are established friends, that he will be given a hard time if he refuses to move. On the other hand, the reason my H and I will be there before Alabama Action is to help him move and get settled into his new "home." If he does move again, it bothers me that I will not get to see his new room, meet his suitemates, and help him get settled once again. We are from OOS and do not have the luxury of just driving over for the day to move him again. On top of that, classes would have already started and another move (and a new set of suitemates) would be disruptive. But if he doesn't move, there will always be the notion that he was not wanted in that suite and I don't even want to think of the possbility of him being harrassed by staying in that suite. I am planning to email the RA to give him a heads up about the situation. </p>

<p>Any thoughts or advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>There is a space open in DSs Ridgecrest West room open right now.
Can you still put in a room request?
Can you reach anyone at housing by phone?
0304 0304C Available</p>

<p>304C is a good space. If he can't find an open space in another 4-person suite, I'd stay where he's at. If he does move after two weeks, the 4 sophomores that want to room together should be able to help him move especially since he is going them a big favor by switching rooms.</p>

<p>Like Roseanne Roseanna Danna used to say, It's always something. Good grief, Sophocles, bless your heart.</p>

<p>I don't think you can do any room changes right now. You will have to wait until the school year starts.</p>

<p>Good idea to give the RA a heads up about the situation.</p>

<p>My advice, Don't go in with your bristles up when you meet the new roommies. I work in an adverserial job, law, where my job goes a lot smoother when people come in with a peaceful rather than a fighting attitude.</p>

<p>I would not be surprised that there will be many rooms available, as kids decide at the last minute to not attend, or even go home after a week or two. It happens all the time at our local universities. </p>

<p>I would advise you to hang in where you are, wait and see what happens. You can't do anything about it now.</p>

<p>But I would give a call to housing on Monday and see if they can give you any advice.</p>

<p>As my husband always tells me, Don't prelive the crisis!</p>

<p>Sophocles, also, since your son is attending Alabama Action, I would wait until he attends that before he puts himself into a random "open space".</p>

<p>He may meet some friends at Alabama Action who, live AL's son, have an empty space, and he can join them.</p>

<p>There is also a social the weekend before classes for honors students where he may meet kids who find that they now have an open spot.</p>

<p>As I said, many kids decide at the last minute not to attend, and since we're in this limbo period with room selection, there may be open rooms out there that we're not aware of.</p>

<p>AL, how do you know there's an empty space? Did one of the suitemates contact you and say they were no longer attending?</p>

<p>My son has been corresponding with two of his suitemates about what they're bringing, but haven't heard anything from the fourth. So, for all we know, we could have an open room as well.</p>

<p>I know Outdoor Action is coming the same time as Alabama Action. He may be able to meet some of those kids there as well. Perhaps even AL's son, who I think is attending Outdoor Action. Am I right?</p>

<p>Either way, you can't make a move right now, as far as I know, but do give housing a call on Monday to get their take on it.</p>

<p>Hope to see you next weekend, and if there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.</p>

<p>I would call Housing on Monday and try to get this settled ASAP since you can only help him move in one time. </p>

<p>Go higher up the housing ladder if necessary. Bama isn't that much of a stickler for "rules" once you go up the ladder.</p>

<p>"AL, how do you know there's an empty space? Did one of the suitemates contact you and say they were no longer attending?"</p>

<p>When I saw that sophocles was looking for a room I logged into DSs housing to search, not knowing that you could no longer book rooms.
One of his three roommates, who was on the list as of the recent mailing, is now not there and his space is listed as empty.
I know that Soph's DS & DS don't know each other, of course DS didn't know any of his roomies though he has since met WhiteSox. Given that Sophocles DS moved into a spot with other unknowns, that shouldn't be an issue. Remember - you're not looking for a love connection, just a bunch of guys who can co-exist well, turning out to be great friends would just be a plus!
In any case, I'd call housing and try my hardest to get them to put you in that space. Let the other guy (the 4th roomie) handle his part. I don't at all like the idea of your DS going into the spot as "that freshman guy who took our friend's spot." Having to make arrangements and move rooms may not end up being a big thing, but it's more pressure that I would not want to send a first-time OOS student down there with. As an OOS mom I would be as pushy as necessary to ensure that the room I moved my DS into is his permanent room.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your insight. I will definitely be on the horn on Monday to Housing and to Dr. Sharpe, if need be. </p>

<p>AL34, are the 2 other boys in your son's room freshmen too? That was really sweet of you to send that info. my way! In principle, I would tell my son that he should not have to move because he has as much right to be in that space as any other kid, but the circumstances surrounding this situation make me uneasy. </p>

<p>SEA_tide, kid #4 did say he and his friends would help him move out. For all I know, these are good kids, I just hate that the situation is so awkward.</p>

<p>Montegut, he may indeed meet other kids in AA that might have an empty room that he can move into but given the choice, I would rather help move him once and for all in his permanent room even if it means giving up Ridgecrest East's convenient location for a more serene environment.</p>

<p>*As an OOS mom I would be as pushy as necessary to ensure that the room I moved my DS into is his permanent room. *</p>

<p>I agree.</p>

<p>And, if housing balks at cooperating, I would contact Jami Gates in Honors and see if Honors can provide some influence to move your son into another suite. This is an uncomfortable situation and could cause problems from the "get go" if not settled.</p>

<p>Oh, sophocles, that would be great if you could get him into his permanent room at his initial move in date. Sorry I didn't check CC before sending an email. </p>

<p>Good luck with housing on Monday, and please, if there's anything I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask.</p>

<p>Great post, AL. You make really good points.</p>

<p>And thanks for the heads up on checking room occupants. Our fourth guy is still listed, though we haven't heard from him. I don't think he has Facebook, which is how the other boys have been communicating.</p>

<p>And sophocles, you're right. You're traveling a great distance at great expense to help your son move into his permanent room, and I'm sure if you emphasize that to housing, that might give you a little leniency on bending the rules.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Yes sophocles, the other two boys are freshmen. Like I said, we already met WhiteSox from on here, who was nice enough to offer to pull anyone on here into the spots because he had such an early pick date. Really nice guy, calm mom :) - I think he and DS will make great roommates. Again, DS was not looking for a love connection or a <em>squeal!</em> BFF soulmate - just a nice situation. I'm not sure how much he and the others have communicated, I don't think much at all, he's more a "we'll figure out what we need to figure out" kind of person.
Definitely in principle your son has the rights to the room but even so, not sure this is the time to pick that battle.
Let us know what housing says :)</p>

<p>Yes....the son has "rights" to the room, but who knows how the angry friend might make him miserable every time he visits....and he'd likely be visiting all the time. </p>

<p>That's the case that I'd make to housing. </p>

<p>One thing I've noticed with the Super suites is that if most or all of the suitemates have a friend that lives elsewhere, that friend tends to hang out a lot at the suite....so this guy may end up like a 5th person in the suite (not literally, but there a lot!)</p>

<p>Well, my son does not have a vested interest in the room, and as far as he's concerned, he's fine to be elsewhere. This is not a point of contention for him. He's just annoyed that he has to "move" again, although his dad reminds him that it is a virtual move at this point, should housing find an empty room for him to move into. The "angry friend/roomates" scenario is exactly the situation he does not need to start his college life. </p>

<p>Thank you for your comments and advice. I'll keep you all updated.</p>

<p>Yes, it is a virtual move at this point...no physical labor involved. </p>

<p>*The "angry friend/roomates" scenario is exactly the situation he does not need to start his college life. *</p>

<p>Exactly, and hopefully Housing will be sympathetic and allow a virtual move now.</p>

<p>S indicated that he finally heard from their 4th roommate and apparently he's not "definite" he'll be rooming with them. Whatever that means, maybe trying to move in elswhere? Anyways when you check with Housing you may ask if they know if a space has opened in RW 309. The other roomies are freshmen.</p>

<p>Thank you, socal. Is he in Ridgecrest West or Riverside West?</p>

<p>Sorry brain fried, he's in Riverside West.</p>

<p>I called Housing today and explained my situation. At first, the individual I spoke with was firm about waiting to switch rooms until after school starts , but when I pressed the issue and presented the awkwardness of the present setup and my unwillingness to have my son move again after we help him settle in, she relented and worked with me to switch rooms. Socal, she did not find an empty room in 309 and AL, I asked to find a room in Riverside first, since it was close to the Engr. bldgs. So he remains in Riverside East. </p>

<p>Thanks again to all of you for your support. It helped me tremendously to vent and get different perspectives. I have to say that this is one more positive experience we've had with Alabama...and we've had many. Roll Tide!</p>

<p>Great to hear - that must be quite a load off your mind... now get packing :)</p>