Housing due March 1st?

<p>I have been accepted to UW-Madison. I am not sure if I am attending... I have been receiving a lot of information and it is all begginning to confuse me! My question is: if I do not send in the $50 deposit for public housing by March 1st will I lose my chance to live in public dorms?</p>

<p>I understand that if I send in the $50 I still do not have to apply, but, I am not ready to commit to public housing just in case I do end up attending UW and I end up wanting to live in private housing.</p>

<p>The $50 is refundable IF you do not attend. No deposit=no public dorm. It's all in the stuff you received BTW.</p>

<p>the housing staff explained to us that the $50 deposit is refundable, but then there is an additional $250 due by May 1 -- the $50 is refundable until May 1 only, but the $250 is not refundable. Also, we were told if you sign up for a learning community by April, then you can pick your exact room in the dorm for that community if you are accepted into it. Since my son is still undecided, we have not yet paid anything for UW, but then can't sign up for placement testing yet either.</p>

<p>We are also going to visit the private options when we go back to campus in the next week. The cost differential is not that great, but there might be social aspects which put it at a disadvantage.</p>

<p>$50 holds the room until you commit to UW (5/1), $250 =you bought the room. They could hold you for the entire contract price if they wanted or could not backfill. Doubt they go that far but kiss the money good-bye.</p>

<p>I'm reasonably certain that the deadline for housing varies on your acceptance date. Obviously, the early admits have a March 1st date, but the later admits have additional time. To be safe, view your housing deadline online.</p>