Housing for internships in DC area

Our Son is junior in college and has had virtual internships the last 2 years. This summer his internship will be on site in DC area. In helping him search for housing, I thought I’d ask here if anybody had links or ideas of where to find housing. His company gave him a list of neighborhoods, but no real contacts. I think there might be more information coming as the entire interns are hired and info shared. But we would like to pass along information to him sooner than later. Any information you have is greatly appreciated.

Our kids lived in GW dorms during DC internships… Probably a little more expensive than a cruddy sublet, but you don’t have any hassle- the U housing office tells you when you can move in, tells you when you need to be out, if something breaks, pick up the phone and a maintenance person is there within a few hours. Having dealt with landlords (especially the ones who rent to college students) GW is a MUCH easier way to go!!! The dorms aren’t luxurious but they have security, custodial services, etc. and there are no extra charges (I don’t even think there was a security deposit…)


Agree you can check for dorms at DC colleges. Another option might be looking for an Airbnb.

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Thxs. That is one we’re definitely considering. It’s pretty close to his workplace too. 10 min walk i think.

My daughter did an Airbnb/VRBO for a month last summer and it worked out ok, but we also looked at university dorms. In retrospect, she wishes she had known about Thompson Markward Hall, a private dorm with short term stay options for women in DC. Not helpful for your son, but wanted to post about it because she wished she had known about it then and it might be useful for females looking for summer housing. She was back in DC for a few weeks over winter break and stayed there and is hoping to stay there this summer if internship stuff works out

While I cannot recommend specific places to stay during one’s internship, I will state that DC is much safer than is portrayed in the media.