Housing for Upcoming Freshmen of UNC Chapel hill 2025

Hello, I recently got admitted into UNC (still can’t believe it) and was lucky enough to to get into the honors program!
I was going over the housing but it’s all so confusing and sadly I can’t visit and go around the dorms. I’ve seen every video and read every post but it’s still confusing.

I wanted to see if anyone knows a hall that matches the descriptions of:
Social, non hall(I would like to not share a bathroom with a whole floor), 4-8 total roommates. I would like to build strong friendships but also talk to others in a social environment. I’m not to annoyed by loudness (I can put headphones on or go to the library. )

And is Cobb worth it over every other housing option?

Thank you all in advance!

Edit: I’m planning to major in CS and be on the premed track, I don’t know if that makes any difference

Definitely interested in exactly the same thing. In fact, my daughter is also in Honors, majoring in CS on the premed track. OOS and we’ve never visited -hope to get some responses!

Lots of freshmen choose Granville Towers. Very social. Two bedrooms with a bath in between. Lots of people who end up going Greek - don’t know if that is a pro or a con to you.