<p>I feel like this is some kind of test to figure out.... I set up my NYU home account last week, and received a letter saying housing information was going to follow.</p>

<p>I received ANOTHER letter yesterday saying pretty much "pay your $1000 housing deposit and you'll receive the information to access the NYU housing forms online. (I had already sent in the $800 deposit AFTER being accepted in December...but I guess they WANT more. Mailed it today</p>

<p>Now here's what's making me freak, someone posted on CC about filling out the housing forms already with roomate preference and such. I am if everyone got the $1000 housing coupon thing yesterday like me (I'm 12 miles away) how could they have access to the housing forms? </p>

<p>Anyone? Anyone?</p>

<p>log onto nyuhome. Click NYU Life, and then go under the Housing section. Click on the link, and it will allow you fill out the housing form online. You just need both the housing form, and $1000 deposit by June 2.</p>

<p>had to use the "explorer" browser...regular AOL doesn't work, thanks</p>

<p>they are not going to do any housing till june 1st date and ED get first choices.</p>

<p>what dorms are you choosing and in what order</p>