Housing freshmen

<p>Nike vs towers forcfreshmen. I heard Nike is more social and easy to meet other freshmen. Any comments? What would be preference order of nine and libra</p>

<p>I can't really apply with a person view of it (As in have lived at both, I haven't even seen them.) However, there are things to consider: Price. Would you like to go with a cheaper choice, or are your parents fine with paying the money that the towers charge? Towers seems to be full of upper classemen-students who have already known their roomates, sometimes for years. It's far away from classes, etc, so that's another thing to consider. You can make a pro and con list? The pro's about the towers are: apartment style, only share bathroom with one other individual, spacious, etc. The Con's are the price you have to pay, how far it is from classes and everything else (Though close to the stadium, I believe) will be surronded by mostly upper classmen, etc.
Personally, I would choose nike/hercules. I've always believed that getting the 'real' college experiance is something everyone needs to experiance, which includes staying in a dorm, meeting a roomate, and working on how to establish relationships with the people around you. Sometimes you and your roomate may hate each other-it just teachers you to look at their view, their opinions, rather then only considering yours. It actually does shape you into a better person, or so I believe. The dorms will have a more social feel, which I think everyone seeks their freshmen year of college. Just my opinion, though:)</p>