Housing help

I’m going to be an exchange student next academic year at the University of Kentucky and have been asked to choose my halls of residence for my time there. I need to choose a housing contract that is nine-months -
The halls are: Blazer, Boyd, Smith, Woodland Glen 4 and University Flats.

What would you recommend? I am an outgoing person and looking for halls that are sociable and the best to meet new people who are also outgoing.

thank you :)))

I would determine your dorm somewhat on the classes you’re going to take and the buildings they are in. Try and get a general idea of where they will be based on your recommended class schedule. Though north and central aren’t too far from each other, the walk in the winter can be quite chilly. My daughter lives on north right now and loves it but made sure to get classes (those with different building options) closer to her dorm to avoid running from class to class. Central seems to be closer for science majors from my perspective but I’m not there to judge the distance on a daily basis.