Housing if wait listed?

<p>If you are deferred do you still signup for housing or do you wait until ultimately admitted? Also, what are some ways to better your chances of being accepted. Thanks</p>

<p>Get better grades and/or get better test scores. Maybe a new rec and letter of your interest level in UW. Don’t think you can apply for U housing till accepted.</p>

<p>Just wait and see if they send you a contract. There’s no other way to sign up as far as I know so you’ll just have to see.</p>

<p>I’ve wanted to go to Madison for as long as I can remember, would sending an essay explaining my desire to go to udub as long with my first semester grades and a letter of rec help me or will it come off as desperate</p>

<p>I don’t think it would “come off as desperate,” it might help but only if your grades and stuff have improved or stayed strong.</p>